Fortnite: Who is Lachlan and Team PWR

(Image Credit: @LachlanYT)
(Image Credit: @LachlanYT)

Fortnite has many competitive teams, but most of them are concentrated either in the United States or Europe. One month ago Lachlan decided to help grow the Fortnite scene in Australia and Oceania with his new team, team PWR.

Competitive Fortnite in Oceania

Lachlan stated that one of the biggest contributing factors towards his decision to begin team PWR was that he felt the Oceania region often gets forgotten by competitive Fortnite. Without many other big teams, many of the region’s top players have nowhere to go in order to get identified within the competitive community. Having identified this lack, Lachlan started team PWR to highlight the local Fortnite talent.

The current roster of Team PWR is Lachlan, Radius, Chanzes, Looter, RepulseGod, and Worthy, and this team has continued to perform well in the recent competitive Fortnite events.

Fortnite Trios Cups placements by Team PWR

RepulseGod has been performing well for the team recently, with his trios team taking the first place spot in the daily cups two days in a row. Radius has also managed a second place prize yesterday, but this seems to be the overall trend in Oceania lately.

Team PWR has taken many of the top three prizes over the last few days, showing that this local talent definitely has the skills to represent their region on a global stage. Hopefully they’ll have a chance to put their talent to the test at least by next year.

Where to find Lachlan

Lachlan streams and posts videos on his YouTube account, with his Twitter account also having a high degree of engagement. Be sure to keep an eye out for Team PWR in the future, fans and players can expect their team to continue to put up top performances with the many ongoing competitive Fortnite events planned.

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