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Free Fire hacks: Developers reinforce anti-hack system to eliminate flying hack

Free Fire constantly works to keep itself engaging and fresh
Free Fire constantly works to keep itself engaging and fresh
Modified 24 Feb 2021

Titles such as Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have emerged as pioneers in the battle royale genre. Mobile-based gaming has proven to be a tremendous success over the past year and a half. It has paved the way for new developers to enter the scene and experiment with new titles.

The developers of said titles often update their games to add more functionality and make them fair for consumers.

Free Fire has enjoyed a lot of success, becoming one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play and Apple App stores in 2020. Parallel to its success, Free Fire has faced quite a lot of challenges while dealing with cheaters.

These cheaters/hackers use third-party software to gain unfair advantages in-game, making the environment unplayable and annoying for legitimate players.

To counter this trend, Garena has an anti-cheat system in place that deals with all types of third-party cheating software and bans players using them. The developer has also relied on reports from its playerbase to ban accounts using cheats.

Free Fire has continuously been updating its anti-cheat software and publishing bi-weekly reports, detailing the number of accounts banned for cheating and teaming up with cheaters.

Recently, in a Facebook post, Garena revealed that it had strengthened their anti-hack system to eliminate the flying hack. This hack has been massively affecting the gaming experience of legit players.

Free Fire working to combat flying hack cheats


Flying hack allows players to float in the air and create a height difference for an unfair advantage.

The developers informed that they had first encountered the cheat in the middle of 2020, after many players faced it in-game. They said that since then, they had been taking action to reinforce their anti-cheat system.

After continuously fighting the hack's creator for six months, the developers successfully came up with a detection method for the flying hack. They claim that the hack function had already been eliminated after the launch of the patch. The devs also stressed that after implementing the new strategy, the number of fly hacks in-game dropped significantly.

Free Fire's developers assured its playerbase about constant updation of their anti-hack system to build and maintain a fair gaming environment. They also appreciated the player's efforts and reports of hackers in-game.

The devs claimed that the fight agains hackers was an ongoing mission for them, with the goal being to make Free Fire better for players by working with them.

Published 23 Feb 2021, 17:14 IST
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