GamerFleet's best Minecraft tips for beginners

GamerFleet's Minecraft tips, skin, seed
GamerFleet's Minecraft tips, skin, seed

Minecraft is a game that I am very passionate about, and I love the fact that it is never-ending. Players can keep creating as many worlds as they want.

I actively started streaming Minecraft on my channel last year after observing that there were very few Indian gamers who actively streamed Minecraft on YouTube. I filled this gap and built a new community of my own. Minecraft is the game that helped me find my niche in the gaming content creator industry. GamerFleet talks about Minecraft seeds, farms, world generation, and more.

GamerFleet's tips to start playing Minecraft

In this article, I am going to share a few tips on how beginners can play Minecraft. But, before we start, let me tell you that Minecraft is a game of survival, so, all you need is some common sense and patience to ace the game.

Watch and learn before you start to play Minecraft


For a beginner, Minecraft can be extremely confusing to play. Unlike regular games, this is a game that requires logical and critical thinking. One can easily get frustrated if they do not know how to play and survive in the game. Hence, it is extremely important for you to first watch a few tutorials, understand the game, and then start playing. Otherwise, you will quit the game with a bad aftertaste.

Do one task at a time in Minecraft


Imagine you are creating a world of your own in Minecraft. What is the first survival trick? Of course, to build a house to protect yourself from the outer world and get a timely food supply to stay alive. Likewise, you should first build a house and farm for yourself. Grow farms, and source and raise cattle, so that you do not run out of food supplies and business at anytime.

Again, start small. Create small farms like Cobblestone Farms to better understand the game. Once you are a bit more comfortable, go on a diamond mining spree. Take the help of YouTube tutorials to better understand how and where to find diamonds. Usually, the center of many clay and gravel patches in the swamps have diamonds.

Things to remember:

• Understand the seed, what it is and how it can be used. Read and watch in-depth tutorials about these.

• Remember to create XP, as Mob Spawners are a better choice than All Mob Farms. Hence, find a Mob Spawner

• Take help from villagers.

• Debris and diamonds aren’t the same, learn the difference

• Make sure to have fire resistance when you enter the Nether Fortress

• Do carry golden apples, please.

GamerFleet's tip to budding Minecraft content creators


Creating candid and trending content will definitely help you scale. However, once you have got the hang of Minecraft, I would suggest you try the most popular theme – ‘I spent 100 days in XYZ’. I personally tried this content theme and created content on ‘I spent 100 days in survival island,’ which worked really well on my channel.

Lastly, never forget that it is a game of survival, so do not give up. Make sure you do some research before playing the game and every time you feel stuck! Have a great time building your dream world!

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