Ghostrunner 2 PlayStation Showcase 2023 trailer revealed: Platforms, potential release window, and more

Ghostrunner 2 has been announced on PlayStation Showcase 2023 (505 Games)
Ghostrunner 2 has been announced on PlayStation Showcase 2023 (505 Games)

Ghostrunner 2 was announced during Sony's PlayStation Showcase 2023 on May 24. Fans got a teaser trailer for the sequel to 505 Games and One More Level's 2020 dystopian FPP slasher. It has left people who love the original quite excited. This is because Jack is slated to return later this year to every platform after the publishers confirmed a sequel years ago.

Since Ghostrunner Complete Edition's release in mid-2022, rumors and concept artwork for a potential sequel had been making the rounds on the internet. The good news is fans will be able to get their hands on this sequel sometime in 2023 — probably in its third or fourth quarter. It's worth noting that a concrete release date wasn't offered by this title's developers.

The game is set one year after Ghostrunner's events, and its developers have mentioned that players will once again get to experience the original's fast-paced action with substantial graphical and mechanical upgrades, taking Ghostrunner 2 to the "next level."

PlayStation Showcase 2023: 505 Games' Ghostrunner 2 is set to release later this year as Jack's story continues


Much like the original, Ghostrunner 2 will be released on all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows. This title will see substantial upgrades that will make it a true next-gen experience. That means this title will skip the older consoles, namely Xbox One and PS4. Reportedly, the developers have no plans to release their game on Nintendo's Switch either.

The press release mentions that this sequel builds on the mechanics of its predecessor by introducing more challenging bosses and will feature a new dialog system designed to help players immerse themselves better into Ghostrunner 2's world.

The most exciting addition to this game is perhaps its inclusion of the cyberpunk motorbike that Jack can ride in certain levels. This feature puts an interesting spin on navigating a world that will have an ample amount of exploding barrels and destructive walls. There will also be leaderboards to compete with friends outside the game's main campaign.