Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying for a casual gamer?

The console has been very popular among all types of gamers (Image via Nintendo)
The console has been very popular among all types of gamers (Image via Nintendo)

Calling the Nintendo Switch a disruption in the gaming industry won't be wrong based on the kind of impact it had upon release. The Japanese gaming giant introduced a fantastic innovation that merged the gap between portable devices and big screens.

Fans could suddenly get two in one, and along with it came the vast library of all the Nintendo games, which includes retro and modern releases. That being said, a question always arises in the video game circle - is it worth getting the console if someone is a casual gamer?


While this system is quite typical for any console, some questions arise in today's world. The question perhaps arises from the point that it's a standalone console, to begin with.

Additionally, players must buy separate copies of the Nintendo Switch, and some games can be pretty costly. After all, the Switch feels underpowered compared to the next-generation counterparts of PlayStation and Xbox. However, there are still some strong incentives for casual gamers to invest in the device.

Nintendo Switch will always offer a unique ecosystem that will be hard to replicate

The biggest USP of the device is linked to its name, as players can seamlessly switch portability for a larger screen. Players can connect the game on their TVs when they're at home and play on it as the console doubles up as a controller. When someone is traveling, they can continue their adventures and expeditions by switching to the portable screen.


Casual gamers refer to those for whom games are more about an option to spend leisure time. When one considers the Nintendo Switch, it seems more suitable for casual gamers. Professional gaming is usually done on PCs, and Switch is perhaps the last console where a competitive tournament will occur.

When one considers the Nintendo exclusive, it mainly includes titles to be played non-competitively. The primary onus of Animal Crossing and Pokemon is undoubtedly not to compete in a tournament. Players primarily play these games to complete quests, have fun and interact with each other as part of the greater community.


Some excellent titles can only be played on the Nintendo Switch legally. Some of them, like Pokemon, are considered one of the largest in the gaming sphere. To miss out on an opportunity to play such games is undoubtedly criminal.

Moreover, Pokemon is only one of the many titles that Nintendo has under its wings. It's not just first-party games that players can enjoy as more and more publishers are releasing their games on the Switch. When played on larger screens, the trade-off with performance isn't that massive if someone plays it casually.

Even in 2022, Nintendo's console holds a lot of dominance in the gaming market. This is partly due to the convenience it offers and the exclusivity of the IPs. Nintendo Switch's closest competitor is most likely the Steam Deck, but the latter is just getting distributed.


Over the years, Nintendo has refined its consoles, and while it has started aging, the Switch can still be an effective investment. This makes it much more flexible for those who want it as a side console to enjoy the exclusive games. There are different options available for gamers who are on a budget.

Overall, there's nothing to be said as to why casual gamers can't enjoy the console. Yes, it requires a new investment but so does every other console available on the market. While PlayStation and Xbox offer more robust hardware, the Switch bounces back with its flexibility and a great library of games.

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