"Give power back to creators": Ninja calls out Twitch for restrictive multicasting rule, says it's only hurting the platform

Ninja calls out Twitch for their new simulcasting policy (Image via Ninja/YouTube)
Ninja calls out Twitch for their new simulcasting policy (Image via Ninja/YouTube)

Tyler "Ninja" has once again called Twitch out for its multi-casting policy, which forbids streamers, partnered or not, from simulcasting on other platforms like YouTuber and Kick. The Fortnite star was one of the first prominent streamers to simulcast on a variety of platforms last year, but he now has to avoid Twitch in order to not get banned.

Ninja, who recently started streaming on Kick and YouTube after Twitch implemented its new simulcasting policy, had already spoken on the topic last week. In a more recent tweet, he doubled down on his criticism, saying the restrictions on multi-casting are hurting the growth of the platform because it penalizes everyone regardless of their affiliate or partnership status.

According to him, this is driving traffic to other websites, as evidenced by his own reluctance to stream on the purple platform. He said:

"Reminder that Twitch not allowing multi-casting (not only for me but all people including partners and affiliates) only hurts their platform and the creators on their site."

Ninja also pointed out that exclusivity contracts are understandable, but enforcing the simulcasting ban on all streamers of the platform is not conducive. He also called on Twitch to give power back to creators:

"Exclusive contracts are different of course and should be handled on a base to base, but overall it’s time we give the power back to the creators."

Explaining Twitch's new simulcasting rules criticized by Ninja

Twitch has been making waves for its recent controversial updates, such as its branded content strategy that saw large-scale pushback from prominent streamers like Asmongold, who openly talked about boycotting the website. While the Amazon-owned platform has rolled back many of those policies, one of the new rules that have remained is the one about simulcasting.

For context, Twitch overhauled its multi-casting rule last year, which ultimately led Ninja to break off his partnership with the platform in order to be allowed to stream "everywhere."

This is because, in August 2022, Twitch decided that non-partners could simulcast without restrictions. Meanwhile, partnered streamers would only be allowed to simultaneously stream on non-Twitch-like websites.


However, the recent change dictated that no streamer on the platform can multi-stream simultaneously on Twitch-like platforms, such as Kick or YouTube. This meant Ninja had to stop streaming on the purple platform so that he could go live on the others. The blue-haired streamer was not happy with the decision either, ranting about it on stream.

Twitch has yet to publicly address the backlash, but its guidelines do state that it does not want streamers' attention divided between websites as it may degrade the quality of their broadcast. This means the policy change might be here to stay after all.

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