"Get some therapy, Phil Spencer": God of War developer blasts Xbox chief for Starfield and Redfall's delay

Phil Spencer was influential in getting the deal done for Bethesda (Images via Xbox)
Phil Spencer was influential in getting the deal done for Bethesda (Images via Xbox)

Many had expected God of War and Starfield to go head-to-head at the end of the year, which would have seen the two console giants offer their very best. However, a part of the plan is now gone, as earlier on May 12, Bethesda officially announced the postponement of Starfield and Redfall to early 2023.

Unlike previous times, fingers were raised at Xbox and Phil Spencer since they have now acquired Zenimax and are in direct control of Bethesda.

To spice up the argument, developer David Jaffe had some strong words for Xbox and Phil Spencer. David has worked on several titles, including none other than God of War. He feels that as revolutionary as Phil Spencer is when it comes to gaming, the man needs to up his management skills.

"Go get some therapy, Phil Spencer. You're not good at this part. You're just not, you don't get to be that guy... dude, this is not a one off."

God of War developer David Jaffe has some strong words for Phil Spencer over the delay of Starfield and Redfall

When Bethesda announced the delay of Starfield and Redfall, many were left upset as the former, in particular, is a hotly anticipated title like God of War Ragnarok. Phil Spencer sent out a tweet soon after, saying that the decision was correct, despite being tough.

David Jaffe has a different stance as he believes that Phil Spencer isn't good at management. Additionally, he feels that Phil was like him when he was 28, and it was also the same time David realized that he couldn't produce a game.

He felt that Phil is also suffering from the same problems. While there might be a delay for Starfield due to Bethesda, questions will always be raised at Phil Spencer. After all, Bethesda is now part of the Xbox ecosystem after being acquired.

However, the God of War developer also had words of support for Phil as he thought that the latter is truly a visionary with his ideas. However, he believes the problem lie with management decisions.

Why Bethesda postponed Starfield and Redfall

The actual reason hasn't been truly revealed, and one can feel that the reason being given is quite generic. Bethesda has revealed that the main reason for the delay is the production quality and their expectations with both games. Redfall was scheduled to be released at the start of autumn, while the other one would have been in winter.

The production reasons weren't revealed by Bethesda. The best guess might be related to all the features that are said to be a part of the two games. However, it's quite likely that both the games will be present in the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, and fans will at least be able to get a glimpse of the anticipated titles.

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