GTA RP streamer Penta reveals leaving NoPixel after Koil compares him to "abusive" member

Penta to leave NoPixel after recent remarks (Image via Sportskeeda)
Penta to leave NoPixel after recent remarks (Image via Sportskeeda)

Bob "Penta," a well-known player in the GTA V RP community, has announced his departure from the NoPixel server. The decision comes after Francis "Koil," the server's owner and main developer, drew comparisons between Bob and RatedEpicz, a controversial figure who has faced allegations of homophobia and abuse.

Bob has made it known that he will be departing the server indefinitely. He cited the comparison between him and an individual accused of abusive and homophobic behavior as the point at which he drew the line.

"That crossed a hard line for me" - Penta dissatisfied with Koil's comments, decides to leave NoPixel

In recent discussions surrounding the situation with RatedEpicz and Penta, Koil has been fairly harsh. He was heard making a remark about Bob, suggesting that he is prone to making lengthy, emotional posts on Twitter, similar to what he perceives as "crying girls" on the internet:

Bob has been outspoken about Koil's recent outbursts. He recorded:

"He said, 'One time Penta told a judge to suck his d**k, do you think that was RP?,' and I'm sorry but that crossed a hard line for me and I think understandably, you know what I mean? I don't think I can play on the server anymore, dude. Yeah, that's super crossed the line."

He continued:

"And I don't know if I'm gonna get banned for what I just said, but that's just where I'm at with it. I mean, how can I play there when someone's friend is being outed as an abuser and his response is, 'What about Penta?.' Like, how can I play there? How can I be associated with that? So I'm out, I think I'm permanently out."

It remains to be seen if the duo will come to an agreement. As of now, Bob has not officially made any statements on his socials.

Streaming community shares opinions

The entire story quickly made its way to the popular live-streaming subreddit r/LivestreamFail, which garnered many comments. Many were critical of Koil for his petulant way of handling the matter. Here are some notable reactions:

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