GXR Celtz RoXx: Career turning point, PMPL S2 disappointment, PUBG Mobile eSports tips, and more

Yogesh "RoXX" Yadav
Yogesh "RoXX" Yadav

Yogesh "RoXX" Yadav is a PUBG Mobile player who currently plays for GXR Celtz. The 19-year-old from Etawah, UP, plays as an in-game Leader (IGL) for the team.

He is also active on several social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, by the name Celtz Roxx.

Celtz is an inspiration for many upcoming teams. They showcased an exemplary gameplay in PMPL and got the 'underdog' tag removed by going all professional.

In an exclusive chat, Celtz Roxx shares his personal life and professional gaming experiences with Sportskeeda.

Q: Other than gaming, how were you in your studies and which field you had opted for?

A: I have always been pretty good at my studies. I used to score good marks and was among the toppers. I wanted to be a software engineer, as I've always been a tech lover. I used to code and develop websites and apps in my school days.

Q: How was Roxx's family support initially when he started gaming?

A: My family had no clue about gaming and eSports. I moved out of my city for higher studies. Initially, I started playing for fun as it was like a stress buster from studies. I never thought I'd come this far. My family started supporting me when they saw me achieving my goals, getting recognition, and happiness in whatever I was doing.

Q: How did you start your career in competitive PUBG Mobile gaming?

A: I saw people playing at a competitive level and winning. It made me give competitive gaming a shot. After playing with a lot of players, my gameplay matched with four players, and that's how the grind began. We kept on playing small scrims and tournaments for months and got the desired results.

Q: Who is Roxx's favorite teammate, and why?

A: There's no particular individual as such. All 4 of them, Ultron, MJ, Attanki, and Ash, are good friends of mine.

Q: Previous games Roxx used to play before PUBG Mobile?

A: I was never into gaming, but yes, I used to play GTA & Farm Ville in my school days.

Q: What was the turning point of your career?

A: The turning point of my career was the day we were crowned as the champions of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia. It changed everything for the better. Before that, no one knew us, but we got a lot of recognition in the South Asian region from that day.

Q: The best tip that you would like to share with an underdog who wants to enter competitive gaming?

A: We've always suggested the underdogs to work hard and maintain consistency. It would help if you believe in your teammates and be focused. If you keep performing and grinding, you're bound to get the desired results. Difficulties are part of every journey, and one should never lose hope.

Roxx's gameplay


Q: How did Roxx feel for not being invited to PMPL S2 after being the Champions of Season 1?

A: It definitely was heartbreaking. We were not invited for PMPL S2 even after being the Champions of first-ever PMPL. We tried our best to seek whatever we deserve, but nothing can be done in some cases.

We've full faith in our audience that they will support us again in our new journey, which, unfortunately, has started all over again. But as life is all about proving ourselves when need be, we'll make a splendid comeback.

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Q: How has the atmosphere changed in the team from Celtz to GXR Celtz?

A: There has been no change as such when it comes to our performance. However, the support and encouragement we are getting from GXR is commendable. We are trying our best to make them proud as well.

Q: Who is Roxx's inspiration in PUBG Mobile?

A: I observe all the underdogs performing so well and new talent coming up in every tournament. The hard work I see them doing motivates me a lot. It keeps on reminding me that there's so much more to learn.

Q: What are Roxx's plans as a competitive gamer and as a content creator?

A: My plan is obviously to learn more and grow as a player and creator. This is just the beginning of everything.

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