"He's one of us": Dr DisRespect uninstalls Call of Duty Warzone 2 in protest of Activision removing Nickmercs' skin

Dr DisRespect calls people to boycott Call of Duty (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dr DisRespect calls people to boycott Call of Duty (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular streamer Dr DisRespect has uninstalled Call of Duty Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 in protest after Acitivions removed Nicholas "Nickmercs" skin bundle from the game for a controversial tweet about the LGBTQ+ community. The issue has divided the internet, with streamers taking sides after Nicholas made the contentious remarks and defended them on a subsequent stream.

Fans and fellow content creators have protested the removal on social media, and Dr DisRespect has outright uninstalled the game in protest, saying that Nickmercs is one of "us streamers" and that Activision's decision undermines his years of effort that led him to be included in the game.

"He's one of us streamers, right? To get your own skin and bundle and that whole collaboration... and just like that. He made it, got it in there and they pull it down! That's a f*cking tough one man. So what I got to do, what we got to do is uninstall the game."

Dr DisRespect demands Call of Duty to publicly apologize to Nickmercs


Dr DisRespect had already called out Activision and Call of Duty for the decisions in a tweet earlier when the news of Nickmerc's bundle being removed broke out on social media. While some have supported the penalty, many players have started boycotting the game in protest.

And it seems the YouTube streamer was the catalyst. While streaming, he made it clear that he would only think about playing Call of Duty if they reinstate Nickmercs' skin and bundle and/or publicly apologize for terminating his contract.

While streaming, Dr DisRespect said:

"That decision by CoD's PR marketing team? Uh, I'll tell you right now man. That's a tough one, that's a tough one to digest for the two-time. I feel like they either need to apologize publicly to him or reinstate his bundle in order for me to consider playing Call of Duty again. That's where I am at."

For those wondering what exactly Nickmercs did, in a tweet reply to the news of the recent clash where Proud Boys and other white nationalist groups allegedly beat up pro-LGBTQ demonstrators, the Twitch streamer made an insensitive remark that looked as if he was tweeting in favor of the anti-LGBTQ+ elements.