Hogwarts Legacy will have Spell teaching minigames requiring “precise movement”

Hogwarts Legacy minigames will teach new spells (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)
Hogwarts Legacy minigames will teach new spells (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

Irrespective of the year-long controversies it was subjected to, Hogwarts Legacy still remains one of the most-anticipated video game titles of 2023.

With the title finally releasing next month, on February 10, 2023, the developers have already started revealing certain core aspects of the game that fans can look forward to.

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One feature recently revealed was the presence of spell-teaching minigames where players will be required to input the precise wand movement to learn successfully.

Some of the details of the feature comes from WB Games’ Portkey article, which highlights some of the cognitive mechanics that will be present in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy will be an open-world adventure where players will get to explore the vast Wizarding world in whichever way they want. Hence, one of the best ways to learn various spells in the title will be to take part in minigames and side missions where the player's character can learn the wand movement for the incantation.

Hogwarts Legacy minigames will teach new spells


The Portkey article mentions that there will primarily be four levels of gameplay difficulty the players will be able to enjoy in Hogwarts Legacy. With the story mode being for casual gamers, the spell-learning minigames will not be too difficult, and the character will not fail to learn the game even if their wand movement is not as precise as the minigame would demand.

The article states:

“Four difficulty options are available to the player, affecting both combat and puzzle difficulty. At the Story difficulty, spell learning minigames requiring precise movement cannot fail, and puzzles will not be time sensitive. Difficulty can be changed at any time during normal gameplay.”

Changing the game's difficulty at any given time will tick the boxes for many in the community. While playing the game on harder levels has its advantages in the form of rewards, there might be certain encounters and puzzles where players might just be forced to tone it down.


The excerpt also suggests that in normal difficulty and above, the various puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy will primarily be time-limited challenges; however, the time will not be applied to those playing in story mode.

Moreover, tutorials will also be available for those opting for the “First Time User Experience,” and it will help introduce beginners to various mechanics of the game. Tutorial prompts will remain on-screen until the players themselves are disabling the overlay.

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