How to boost your FPS easily in Valheim

Image Via Valheim Game
Image Via Valheim Game

On the surface, Valheim seems like an easy game to run with its lower scale graphical style. However, many players are having trouble hitting the FPS they are familiar with. Now, they're in luck, because there are some tips to improve it.

In general, Valheim is a pretty well-optimized game. According to many reviews, bugs are few and far between compared to many other games released in the current games industry.

However, the game's performance still needs a bit of work, even if it doesn't look like it would have a massive graphical or processing load. That's likely due to the game being in early access, and therefore it still needs some tweaks.

Until it runs smoothly, players need to take it upon themselves to get those extra frames. One of the first instincts that many players will have is to lower the graphical settings.

If they are high, it would only make sense to set them as low, and then the game should run fine. But that's not how Valheim runs. Much of the game relies on CPU and processing power rather than graphical settings, which explains the FPS hiccups, despite the game's style.

Which settings to use to boost FPS in Valheim


Valheim hasn't been out in Early Access for too long, so there could be more fixes down the line, but current players have found some temporary settings that will boost FPS just enough.

One option for a potential quick fix is to enable the steam overlay and track the FPS counter in-game. Once that is set, go the game properties of Valheim on Steam and find the window mode. A window-exclusive setting is available in the advanced options, which should provide a better fullscreen option with less FPS stress.

The second option is to go through the graphical settings on Windows itself. In the graphical settings in the menu for Windows, turn on the "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling." After that's enabled, restart the PC so the settings can be applied.

Afterward, go to the control panel for your graphics card, and add Valheim as a new program within the "Manage 3D settings" option. Turn texture filtering options on, make the quality performance-based, prefer maximum performance on power, and make sure V-Sync is set as fast.

Not every PC setup is the same, so issues may persist in some cases, but hopefully, these options make the 10th realm a bit smoother.

Edited by Alex Turk
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