How to claim this week's (May 26) free Epic Games Store titles? BioShock: The Collection is up for grabs

The latest freebie from the Epic Games Store is a great collection of three titles (Image via 2K)
The latest freebie from the Epic Games Store is a great collection of three titles (Image via 2K)

BioShock: The Collection is widely regarded as one of the finest video game trilogies of all time. Spread across two different timelines, the three games make an excellent combination for players who love the cyberpunk-scifi theme.

As a bonus, those who have never played the game have an excellent opportunity brought by the Epic Games Store. Thanks to the latest offering on Thursday, gamers worldwide can get their hands on this fantastic trilogy and more.


The Epic Games Store has steadily risen as one of the top video game platforms in the world. One of its iconic features is the provision of different freebies to its users, which include some well-known games.

While it was Borderlands 3 last time around, it's of BioShock: The Collection's turn this week, and fans can now add the trilogy to their library.

Epic Games Store offers BioShock: The Collection and Mystery Vault as its latest offering

The BioShock games offer an excellent blend of FPS action built in a dystopian cyberpunk future. The three games included in this trilogy include all the content that has been released with the first three games.


Players picking up the collection will get the remastered versions of BioShock 1 and 2 and BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition. All three games have been bundled as part of the BioShock: The Collection and all players need to do is redeem them.

The valid period for redemption is until June 2, 3:00 PM UK time, so interested parties shouldn't delay too much. Redeeming it is quite simple, as the typical process is similar to someone buying a game on Epic.

Here's a step-by-step process to redeem the collection:

Step 1. Players will have to go to the game page of BioShock: The Collection by searching for its name. Alternatively, they can find it on the home page under the offerings. Once done, players will have to click on 'get,' which will take them to the next step.

Step 2. Ordinarily, players will have to choose how they want to pay at this stage. However, the collection is available free of cost, so they will only need to confirm. Once confirmed, the entire collection will be added permanently to the players' libraries.

It goes without saying that players will require an Epic Games Store account before proceeding with the process.


As a bonus, there's also a mystery vault that is yet to be unlocked at the time of writing. It will potentially further title(s) that will be a great pick for any gamer. Irrespective of their luck, the collection is a steal, especially since it is provided for free.

With BioShock: The Collection, players will be taken to the cities of Rapture and Columbia, and they will be able to enjoy all the single-player content add-ons.

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