"I am of course the most excited for Battlegrounds Mobile India, but Valorant has also been a favorite of mine ever since its launch": Ronodeep “RawKnee” Dasgupta

Ronodeep “RawKnee” Dasgupta
Ronodeep “RawKnee” Dasgupta

With Valorant Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India finally getting their official announcements, the Indian mobile esports scene is quite excited about their inevitable launch.

Many online personalities in the community believe that Valorant Mobile and BGMI will most definitely be fierce contenders once both of their esports scenes properly kick-off.

Impact of Valorant Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India on Indian Mobile Gaming

Popular YouTuber, Ronodeep “RawKnee” Dasgupta is one of them. In an exclusive conversation with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda Esports, the content creator opens up about how he feels that both these titles will give the nation’s mobile esports scene a significant boost.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

Q. Though you might be streaming a lot of Minecraft right now, a major portion of your channel’s content revolves around popular mobile games. PUBG Mobile has been a regular go-to for you while starting out, and with the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India and Valorant Mobile, you have shown interest in both these games. Which of the two are you more excited about?

RawKnee: I am of course the most excited for BGMI, as PUBG Mobile was a game I have played and enjoyed for years. But Valorant has also been a favorite of mine ever since its launch.

I have grown up playing Condition Zero and then CS: GO, so Valorant, with friends, has been an instant favorite. Now with the announcement of its mobile variant, I am really quite excited.

Q. What are some of your expectations from Valorant Mobile? What are some of the things you will like to see it keep from the base game, and what are some of the things you would like changed?

RawKnee: If you ask me, I would want the entire game to be the same on mobile as it is on PC, but it’s also true that having a tactical FPS shooter of that precision on a phone will be difficult to get used to.

I have heard rumors of a Valorant Battle Royale, so I hope they do that. Though I personally got bored of battle royales in 2020, Valorant and its agents along with the abilities sound like a great mix that can really spice up the battle royale genre.

Q. How much of an impact do you feel Valorant Mobile will have on the Indian esports scene?

RawKnee: Quite a lot, as it could go as close to PUBG Mobile in my opinion. Valorant is slowly becoming a major esports game on PC in India, and looking at the hundreds of pro players we have, I guess, if Valorant Mobile comes out with an Esports ecosystem, it would be very popular and would take the gaming and esports scene in India to a different level.

Q. Do you feel that BGMI and Valorant Mobile will be potent competitors, or will BGMI take a massive lead, as PUBG Mobile was so very popular in the nation?

Maybe in the future. But right now? Not so much. As with the launch of BGMI, I think there is no question of competition.

The game hit a record 20 Million pre-registrations in a few weeks and that is a huge number when you look at it. But also looking at how fun Valorant is, its mobile variant would also become a viable option to play.

Q. Though you were vocal about Valorant Mobile, you did not share your thoughts on Riot’s other title, Wild Rift. Are you excited about its Indian launch, and will you be streaming it?

I have never been a fan of MOBAs. I have never even played DOTA 2 or League of legends. So I am not too keen on playing Wild Rift. But I believe any game could become fun with friends so maybe I would love to give it a try if and only if all my friends are playing it along.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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