"I'm not allowed to, I'll get banned": Ninja reveals he cannot simulcast on Twitch and YouTube after recent guideline updates

Ninja says Twitch
Ninja says Twitch's recent simulcast policy has forced him to leave the platform (Image via Ninja/YouTube)

Popular Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" has shed light on the latest Twitch guidelines about simulcasting on different platforms, revealing that he would get banned if he multi-streamed on YouTube and Twitch. This comes a day after the notorious Twitch guidelines update that also brought the controversial branded content policy updates that have caused an uproar in the community.

Tyler took to Twitter and announced that he would only go live on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter today.

Naturally, his viewers were curious to know why he had chosen not to stream on Twitch, and as he started up the first game of Fortnite, one of his audience members directly asked him why he wasn't streaming on the Amazon-owned platform. To this, Ninja replied that he would get banned if he did:

"'Why don't you [go] live on Twitch?' Because I'm not allowed to, I would get banned."

Later in the stream, he would open up more about the new simulcast rules.

"It's a no brainer": Ninja says Twitch is forcing him to stop streaming on the platform

The blue-haired Fortnite Icon has been multi-streaming and simulcasting on Twitch, YouTube, and other mobile-first platforms such as TikTok since September 2022. For those wondering how he could pull it off, it was because he terminated his partnership with the purple platform a month after it removed its exclusivity contract.

Here is Jessica Blevins, Ninja's long-time partner and manager, explaining in a tweet that he is allowed to stream anywhere by not being partnered on Twitch, bypassing the simulcasting restrictions placed on affiliates and partners.

However, the latest guidelines seem to have changed that drastically, meaning streamers, be they partners or not, may not simulcast or multistream on non-mobile-only platforms. Ninja, who has been doing that for the last several months, was clearly not happy with the arrangement and, around 45 minutes into his latest stream, tore into Twitch for basically pushing him to leave the platform in favor of YouTube, Kick, and Facebook gaming as they still offer the ability to multistream:

"They are basically forcing my hand. I'm not partnered on Twitch, I don't make money there... So, they then put a rule in that says I can't simulcast! What am I gonna choose? Am I gonna choose to stream to YouTube, TikTok, Kick, and other platforms or am I just gonna only stream to Twitch and make no money? Like, it's a no-brainer!"

Ninja has acknowledged being quiet about Twitch's recent controversial policies and joined other prominent streamers yesterday to call out the platform for going away from its roots. Even veteran creators such as Asmongold have threatened to leave the platform after they announced the recent branded content policy.

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