"The backlash is a result of years of anti-creator policy": OTK publishes letter to Twitch amid branded content controversy

OTK sends Twitch an ultimatum following speculation about people leaving the platform (Image via OTK/YouTube,Twitter)
OTK sends Twitch an ultimatum following speculation about people leaving the platform (Image via OTK/YouTube,Twitter)

Popular streamer group One True King, aka OTK, has published an open letter to Twitch following the recent controversy surrounding the platform's change in branded content policy. Alleging that today's backlash results from years of anti-creator rules and regulatory decisions, the group has tweeted a letter detailing how they feel about some of the Amazon-owned platform's policies, such as the 50-50 revenue split.

Calling them out for being anti-consumerist, OTK has gone as far as to claim that their supremacy as the top of the streaming platform is slowly but surely coming to an end. The group cites that the recent widespread backlash from prominent members of the industry, such as MoistCr1TiKaL, and popular streamers belonging to One True King, such as Asmongold and Mizkif, is the result of years of pent-up grievances from creators and viewers to their anti-streamer policies:

"The backlash you're receiving today, while seemingly specific, is the result of what now feels like years of anti-creator policy. It's the chickens coming home to roost, or in this case, the frogs."

OTK addresses new Twitch-branded policies and clarifies that Amazon-owned website needs to rethink its decisions to keep platform afloat

Starting as Justin.tv back in 2007, Twitch has come a long way since being acquired by Amazon in 2014. The website has maintained its position as the premier streaming platform, fielding the top talents, fending off attacks from rivals such as Mixer, and being the preferred platform for all major esporting events.

However, its recent policies starting with the standardization of the 50-50 revenue split for streamers last year, caused quite a stir in the userbase, with lines being drawn in the sand. With growing resentment against some of their policies and suspensions, 2021 and 2022 saw some big names such as Ludwig, Dr DisRespect, Sykkuno, and others leave the platform for YouTube.

With many streamers now joining the up-and-coming platform Kick, OTK, in their letter to Twitch, has pointed out that the Amazon-owned platform has become one of the "least content creator friendly" websites. A relevant part of the letter states:

"Reductions to creator subscription revenue, inconsistent moderation policies, and attacks on creators' abilities to pursue their own independent revenue streams have transformed Twitch into one of the least creator-friendly platforms in social media and have undermined the very ecosystem that helped Twitch become what it is."

Talking about how Twitch's influence on the streaming industry has eroded as Kick, YouTube, and even Rumble start signing stars, the letter bluntly stated the obvious. That by enforcing anti-creator policies, the platform is basically forcing streamers to switch:

"Make no mistake, the days of Twitch holding sway over livestreaming are coming to an end... If Twitch continues to erode the autonomy and livelihoods of the millions of streamers who call their service home, you will have to watch as those same streamers pack up and take their talents to the platforms that put them first."

Last but not least, OTK directly addressed the controversial branded content policy at the root of the recent scandal. The Texas-based streamer group listed two of their recent shows, Elevated, which happened last week, and the Games Expo, slated to take place June 10. Stating that they produce many such fan-favorite shows, One True King claimed that these would not be possible with the latest guidelines:

"Just last week, OTK concluded our new show 'Elevated' in partnership with Allied and Progressive. On June 10th, OTK will host our second annual Games Expo. These shows, as well as other community favorites, cannot exist under the suffocating canopy of these new branded guidelines."

A similar sentiment has been expressed by QTCinderella, the creator and host of the popular Streamer Awards, who tweeted a similar sentiment after the branded content policy news spread on social media.

To that end, OTK called on Twitch to not only rethink its decision to implement the changes but also introspect on the philosophy that has led to such decisions in the first place:

"Simply put, the new branded guidelines and the philosophy behind them need to change."

Twitch has apologized for its catastrophic mess, stating it will be rewriting the guidelines to clarify the confusion.

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