10 Twitch streamers who moved to Kick

10 Streamers who joined Kick after leaving Twitch, voluntarily or not (Image via Sportskeeda)
10 Streamers who joined Kick after leaving Twitch, voluntarily or not (Image via Sportskeeda)

As a relative newcomer to the streaming industry, Kick has quickly gained ground in recent months, with many streamers transitioning to the platform from established websites such as Twitch and YouTube. The Stake-owned platform has been wooing creators with highly lucrative revenue splits and other financial benefits which dwarf those offered by the competitors.

However, Kick's rapid ascent has also seen a lot of scandals, with many raising questions about its ability to moderate streamers after many prominent creators became embroiled in several controversies over the last few months. That said, the platform has also served as a safe haven for many creators who have been banned from competitors, such as Twitch.


This article explores some of the former Twitch streamers who have been actively streaming on Kick after either being suspended from the Amazon-owned platform or due to other reasons.

Note: The list is in no way comprehensive and includes creators who have streamed on the purple platform at some point in their career and have switched either exclusively or partly.

Ten former Twitch streamers who now stream on Kick

1) Adin Ross


The most popular streamer on this list is the online personality Adin Ross who has become quite a controversial figure after facing several scandals since his move to Kick. Ross had already started streaming on the newer platform when Twitch struck him with an indefinite ban. After this, he made the permanent move to the Stake-owned platform and is rumored to have been given a six-figure exclusivity contract.


Since then, Adin has been part of a lot of controversies, having been criticized by many in the community for associating with polarizing groups and his inflammatory comments towards trans people. Recently, he has been accused by many of saying the n-word on stream.

2) Trainwreckstv


Tyler "Trainwreckstv" has a unique position as not only did he join Kick as a content creator but also as an advisor and co-owner who has repeatedly acted as their official spokesperson on social media. He even made announcements about their upcoming features and addressed controversies.

Trainwreckstv has been a steady supporter of the platform, debating its critiques, such as HasanAbi, and also coming to the defense of Adin Ross after his controversial statements.

3) GMHikaru


Popular chess streamer Hikaru Nakamura, aka GMHikaru, was one of the first major content creators to sign a public contract with the new platform back in March 2023. The signing was the cause of much discussion on the internet, with many recognizing that Hikaru would be one of the first chess streamers on the new platform.


The streamer has clarified his position in his streams, saying that while he will still stream on Twitch, his main focus will be to make content for the new platform.

4) Ac7ionman


Aaron Travis, aka Ac7ionman, made the move back in February, having stopped streaming on his previous channel in March. Since then, he has actively promoted Kick as a viable alternative to other platforms, posting his financial gains from steaming on the new website.

At the moment, Ac7ionmann still has his Twitch partnership, with over 600K followers on the platform.

5) WestCOL


Streamer and popular Colombian content creator WestCOL is the next on this list, having risen to the very top of the Kick streaming hierarchy last month. As per data released by Streamer Charts, WestCOL has one of the highest average viewership on the platform, even giving Adin Ross a run for his money.

The creator still occasionally streams on Twitch and still has over 1.3 million followers on the platform.

6) CorinnaKopf


Streamer CorinnaKopf is yet another creator who has made the switch in recent months. However, she was predominantly concerned with her gambling streams since Twitch put a lot of restrictions on gambling content back in October 2022.

CorinnaKopf's last stream on the purple platform was almost a month ago. She has been regularly streaming on Kick after receiving an effusive welcome.

7) IcePoseidon


Notorious IRL streamer Paul Denino, better known as IcePoseidon, had been permanently banned from the Amazon-owned platform after he was swatted and doxxed on live camera back in 2017. Since then, his controversial crypto rug pull has added to his infamy.

Earlier this month IcePoseidon started IRL streaming on Kick. Since then, he has quickly become one of the most-watched creators on the platform.

8) Mellstroy


Although not a very big deal on Twitch, controversial Russian streamer Mellstroy boasts a significant online presence and has quickly become one of the most popular creators on Kick.

The latest data from Streamer Charts reveals that he was the fourth most watched streamer on the platform, placing him higher than a lot of other streamers.

9) Destiny


Controversial online personality and socio-political commentator Steven "Destiny" recently announced having signed contracts to stream on Kick and Rumble and quickly became one of the more popular creators on the platform, having amassed over 30K followers in a short time.

Destiny had been streaming on YouTube since he was indefinitely banned from Twitch in March 2022. Now he is dividing his streaming time between platforms per his contractual agreements.

10) Roshtein


Roshtein is a highly popular gambling content creator who was one of the most watched Slots streamers on Twitch. Like many others who have jumped to Kick since the ban on certain websites, Roshtein joined the Stake-owned platform and has been streaming Slots along with a few games, such as Runescape.

Roshtein was already among the most popular creators to join Kick back in the day and has kept it up by averaging over 10K viewers on his regular streams and even streamed with Drake.

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