"I'm grateful" — MrBeast shares yearly YouTube viewership stats on his 26th birthday

MrBeast has shared a list of his yearly viewership ever since he began YouTube (Image via mrbeast/Instagram)
MrBeast has shared a list of his yearly viewership ever since he began YouTube (Image via mrbeast/Instagram)

YouTube superstar Jimmy "MrBeast" recently shared his yearly viewership statistics on his birthday. The massively popular creator was born on May 7, 1998, and now is 26 years old. The statistics shared by the creator showcase him starting off his journey on the video-hosting site back when he was 12 years old.

The creator currently has over 256 million subscribers, which has netted him 48 billion views on his main channel so far. Jimmy also mentioned how appreciative he was of being able to do what he loves in the YouTube sphere. He stated:

"Here’s how many views I’ve gotten on YouTube every year of my life. I’m grateful after all these years I still get to do what I love."

Further, the list shared by the creator showcases his age in years against the views earned by him in that year:

  • 12- 15,000
  • 13- 7,000
  • 14- 41,148
  • 15- 125,634
  • 16- 202,000
  • 17- 5,482,596
  • 18- 122,441,813
  • 19- 464,282,517
  • 20- 2,099,879,911
  • 21- 3,324,451,660
  • 22- 8,184,185,544
  • 23- 13,265,311,414
  • 24- 19,135,206,772
  • 25- 32,686,259,082
  • 26- Just started

"Today is MrBeast’s Birthday!" - Jimmy shares his yearly viewership on YouTube

With over-the-top challenges and larger-than-life rewards, Jimmy has cemented himself as one of the most noteworthy creators on YouTube. The experimental nature of his content has netted him millions of views on his videos, and billions on his channel as a whole.

On the occasion of his birthday, the YouTube creator took to X and communicated:

"I think today is MrBeast’s Birthday!"

He followed this post with a list of his viewership per year since he started making videos. He started with only 15,000 views at 12 and didn't gain serious traction until he turned 15 when he gained his first hundred thousand views.

Since then, the creator has exponentially increased his viewer count per year. At 24, the creator gathered 19 billion views. He also garnered a massive 32 billion views within a year after turning 25, which showcases a whopping jump of 13 billion views between the two years.

MrBeast was reported to be parting ways with Night Inc., the management company in charge of handling MrBeast since 2018. It has been rumored that this massive change comes due to Jimmy wanting to attain better control over his business, especially in the context of his ongoing legal battle against Virtual Dining Concepts, which he had partnered with for making his virtual restaurant chain MrBeast Burger.

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Edited by Angad Sharma
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