"If you don't pay me, you'll never hear from me again" - Viewer responds after Jynxzi refuses to pay them $1,000 during talent show stream

Viewer threatens after Jynxzi refuses to pay $1,000 during talent show stream (Image via Jynxzi/Twitch)
Viewer threatens after Jynxzi refuses to pay $1,000 during talent show stream (Image via Jynxzi/Twitch)

Twitch star Nicholas "Jynxzi" went viral on April 10, 2024, when he refused to pay a viewer $1,000 during his talent show stream. During the concluding moments of his broadcast, the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege content creator connected with a viewer via a Discord video call and told them to jump into a lake for $1,000.

Before the fan jumped, Jynxzi stated that they were "fully liable" if something happened to them. He said:

"Chat, should I actually pay him if he...? All right, Ryan. Are you ready? Hey, before we get into this - you're fully liable to anything that happens to you. (The viewer responds, 'Well, if I die, that's on you.') No! Nope, nope, nope! Ryan, just jump in the lake, bruh."

While the viewer expressed their fear of jumping into the lake, the streamer insisted he would pay them.

After the fan jumped into the water body, Jynxzi backed out of the deal, stating that he would not pay them $1,000 for participating in the challenge. He remarked:

"Ryan, I am not paying you s**t, bro. I never put it on god. I never did that. You just jumped in the lake at four in the morning for no reason. Yes, I'm not paying you."

The fan was taken aback after hearing this and threatened him by saying:

"Wait, you said it on god. Wait, you're not paying me? Wait, you're being dead a*s? I don't care whatever you think. Yo, I'm not joking, bro, if you don't pay me, you'll never hear from me again, bro. You f**king dirty..."

"Horrible stream" - Jynxzi abruptly ends livestream after refusing to pay $1,000 to a viewer during his talent show

Jynxzi was four hours into his talent show earlier today (April 10, 2024) when he refused to pay $1,000 to a fan who jumped into a lake. After they confronted the streamer over his decision, the Spacestation Gaming-affiliated personality responded:

"I'm being so serious, you're not getting paid. Ryan, bro, you jumped in the water for two seconds. You want a thousand dollars?"

Upon hearing this, the viewer threatened once again, stating that they would "leak" something about the streamer:

"Wait, but we literally agreed. Wait, I'm leaking you, on god. I'm leaking you, bro. If you don't pay, I'm leaking you."

Timestamp: 03:59:40

Jynxzi abruptly ended his stream, saying the talent show was "horrible." He elaborated:

"Yep, disconnected. Hey, Vise, do you just want to wrap this talent show up? No one wins. This is horrible. Vise, you're fired. Hey, no one wins this talent show. That's the worst talent show we've ever done, bro. F**k Vise. All right chat, horrible stream. I'll see you tomorrow at seven. F**k everybody."

This is not the first time Jynxzi has abruptly ended his livestream. On March 29, 2024, the 22-year-old cut short his broadcast after "eight cops" showed up at his residence.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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