"Imagine how your CryptoZoo victims feel" - Coffeezilla calls out Logan Paul as the latter shares motivational message from a fan on Twitter

Coffeezilla calls out Logan Paul (Image via Sportskeeda)
Coffeezilla calls out Logan Paul (Image via Sportskeeda)

Self-proclaimed online detective Stephen "Coffeezilla" responded tauntingly to Logan Paul's recent tweet, sharing a wholesome message he received from a fan during his flight. Coffeezilla said:

"Imagine how your CryptoZoo victims feel."

For context, Stephen published an investigative video on Paul and his alleged involvement with a "crypto scam." According to Stephen, Paul's NFT project CryptoZoo collapsed, resulting in several users losing thousands of dollars. Some lost a lot more than that.

After the recent tweet by Paul, fans swarmed the replies to slam the creator for his apparent involvement with the fraudulent crypto project.

Twitter users demand answers from Logan Paul

Paul has been under the scanner since Coffeezilla's video was published. Stephen also announced a three-part documentary on Logan Paul's involvement in the scam, two of which have already been uploaded to YouTube.

Paul announced The CryptoZoo project in 2020 during an ImPaulsive episode. The NFT game claimed to engage participants in virtual competitions that would allow them to generate passive income.

Furthermore, users were required to purchase an in-game token called $ZOO which would allow them to procure NFT eggs. According to Coffeezilla's report, over $2.5 million worth of crypto eggs were bought. However, those who purchased the NFTs could not withdraw their money or yield any profit.

Earlier this year, Paul said that the developers had seized the codes and made "errors." He said:

“We got ourselves involved with the wrong people who made some errors and blunders and we have a great team now that still working on it.”

However, Coffeezilla's investigation exposed a different narrative of the incident. The developers revealed to Stephen that Paul had not paid them for their work on the app. Hence, the project stalled.

Since then, Logan Paul has been heavily scrutinized for allegedly floating a scam and lying about it when called out. However, the embattled YouTuber ignored the fiasco by publishing a tweet that featured a highly complimentary message from one of his fans thanking him for his videos.

But the tweet wasn't received well as netizens flooded the comments to slam the YouTuber for remaining silent after being called out. The following are some of the audience comments from the thread:

Logan Paul has yet to respond formally to revelations made by Coffeezilla. It remains to be seen if he will respond via a new podcast episode or a YouTube video.

Notably, Paul is not the only YouTuber caught up in a crypto scam. Viral creator Darren "IShowSpeed" was also alleged to have promoted a suspicious crypto project. Read more about that story here.

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