Kick is owned by Stake? YouTube detective Coffeezilla alleges Trainwreckstv's new streaming platform is owned by crypto gambling website

Coffeezilla calls out Trainwreckstv for hiding Stake
Coffeezilla calls out Trainwreckstv for hiding Stake's connection with Kick (Image via Sportskeeda)

Trainwreckstv's new streaming platform Kick is allegedly owned by, as per tweets from YouTube detective Coffeezilla. Stake is the very crypto-gambling website which had a lucrative deal with the popular streamer back when slots had not been banned by the purple platform.

Tyler "Trainwreckstv" announced some time ago that he will be joining Kick in an advisory role and streaming there following months of speculation about him starting his own streaming platform. Earlier today, December 6, he finally revealed the partnership in a Twitlonger, claiming that Kick was an ethical and creator-friendly alternative to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Many were initially skeptical about the "too good to be true" revenue split (95/5). Now, with the revelation of Stake's involvement, the project seems even more dubious to the community.

Coffeezilla calls out Trainwreckstv for not divulging Stake's involvement in Kick, claims it will be the "leading content provider" for the gambling industry

For those unaware of Stake, it is a crypto gambling website styled as an online casino. Due to its status as an unregulated organization, Twitch decided to include it in the list of banned websites from their platform back in October.

Before that, Trainwreckstv was one of the top streamers on the platform, specifically in the Slots category. He admitted while streaming on a fellow creator's channel that he had a highly profitable deal with his gambling sponsors, predominantly

Shortly after the ban came into effect, Trainwreckstv revealed on Pokelawls's stream that he had earned a staggering $360 million for 16 months of gambling on stream:

"I'll release what I got paid since the beginning of my contract. I have been paid $360 million for 16 months of gambling... There you go lads, it's released. It's done. $360 million, there you go dumbf*cks."

After Tyler's partnership announcement today, Coffeezilla shared numerous screenshots which point to the fact that Easygo, the parent company of Kick, is owned by the creators of Stake.

He shared a text snippet which states that the streaming platform was developed to be a "leading content provider for the gambling industry":

" is a new venture created by the founders of Easygo and with their new studios in Australia and Europe. Kick Gaming's vision is to be the leading content provider in the gambling industry thanks to its refreshing approach..."

Coffeezilla also shared screenshots from the subreddit of the streaming service that showed Stake's founders doing frequent giveaways on Kick.

Finally, he shared a job application from LinkedIn which clearly states:

"Kick is a new venture created by the founders of Easygo and"

Twitter Reactions to Coffeezilla's revelation

The streaming community reacted to this news with their views about gambling, sponsorships, Trainwreckstv, and Kick copying Twitch's source code.

The 95/5 revenue split stream announced by Trainwreckstv was branded by many as an unsustainable business model. However, as Coffeezilla points out, if Stake is behind it, creator payouts won't be that big of a deal.

The online crypto gambling website has numerous high-profile celebrities, including international pop star Drake.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee
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