Indian platform Loco becomes the sole representative of the country at the 2022 Dubai Esports Festival

Loco is participating in the Dubai Esports Festival (Image via Loco, DEF 2022)
Loco is participating in the Dubai Esports Festival (Images via Loco, DEF 2022)

Loco has been taking gigantic strides in the gaming sphere with its ever-increasing foothold in the market. The streaming platform has now added a new feather to its cap by becoming the country's sole representative at the Dubai Esports Festival 2022. This is a clear testament to the platform's growth, which has been working to popularize the concept of streaming within the country.

Since 2017, Loco has been pushing the barriers that have been present earlier in the field of video game streaming. Indians today are no longer restricted to mobile titles, as games like Valorant and FIFA 23 are getting a larger foothold in the world's largest democracy.

This latest achievement is an indicator of all the good work that the organization has put in. The platform has constantly attempted to ensure that Indians can keep themselves updated when it comes to esports. Earlier this week, Amplitude Analytics included Loco in the "Next Hottest Product" list. Their presence at the ongoing event will help bring India closer to the world of video games.

Loco's participation in the Dubai Esports Festival 2022 shows how much India has evolved when it comes to gaming

The Dubai Esports Festival 2022 kicked off on November 9 and will continue until November 20. This is a two-week event filled with competitions and other live activities. Gamers from all over the world will be present, and Loco's participation is certainly a major achievement for gamers and streamers across the country.


Firasat Durrani, Vice President of Operations, expressed his excitement and made live comments during the event. As part of the Initiate Panel member, he shared wisdom on the importance of content and IPs in the gaming world.

“We are honored to be representing the Indian gaming community at DEF 2022 and showcase to the world what we offer. The collective synergy of this event truly portrays the essence of gaming communities across the world. At the event, we have had some interesting and insightful discussions on where this industry is headed and what’s in store in the near future."

Durrani also spoke about how he felt about the Dubai Esports Festival 2022 and why the Indian platform's presence is so vital.

“A tournament is an event or festival while a league is a career for the organizer and the player. Today, world over, leagues are the highest viewed and most followed and overpowers tournaments.”

With consistent growth and a robust network, the sky's the limit for the Indian esports scene and gaming community. It remains to be seen how Loco will take it to new heights in the coming future.