IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat collaborate for the first time and itโ€™s utter chaos

IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat collab for the first time (Image via YouTube)
IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat collab for the first time (Image via YouTube)

Darren "IShowSpeed" and Kai Cenat have made their first appearance together on a live stream. YouTube's biggest stars don't always collude with Twitch's biggest stars, but when they do, it's usually a truckload of entertainment. Darren and Kai's stream together was no different.

Uploaded to Darren's channel, their stream was viewed by over 70K concurrent viewers at one point. The upload has also managed to garner over 2.1 million views in less than 6 hours.

Their first stream included the duo inviting two models to their Airbnb. However, before they could hold any discussions with the girls, the two streamers engaged in their usual shenanigans.

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IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat collaborate in a "double-date" stream

The much awaited collab between YouTube's fastest growing live streamer and Twitch's most subscribed English-speaking streamer finally took place yesterday and was chaotic from start to finish.

The stream went on for just over two hours, which included several clippable moments. Both Darren and Kai Cenat were seen mindlessly barking at each other as well as engaging in friendly banter.

At one point, before the aforementioned girls had appeared, the pair decided to squabble between themselves. According to IShowSpeed, Kai smelled "musty". He even offered hand soap to the latter. This entire back-and-forth was clipped and shared across the internet, engendering a lot of reactions.


Even after the girls had arrived, the duo continued with their horseplay. At one point, IShowSpeed started to debate one of the models on their preference between Ronaldo and Messi. He exclaimed:

"Wait time out, time out, Ronaldo or Messi?"

Seeing the duo pressing them for an answer, the girls, albeit aloof from the world of football, decided to answer for their sake and chose "Ronaldo."

Fans react to the collab between Darren and Kai

As stated earlier, being two of the fastest growing streamers on their respective platforms meant that their first collab stream was a smashing hit among fans. Readers should note that since Darren is perma-banned from Twitch, he is not allowed to join Kai's Twitch stream.

Seeing the duo take to the camera together for the first time, fans shared a lot of comments. Here are some of their reactions:

@Jitokeze Pitbull vs chihuahua when dogs bark
@Jitokeze Kai bark like a lil chihuahua
@Jitokeze Why did this make me realize that I have such a deep bark.....
@Jitokeze Kai got that chihuahua bark

Fans left their reactions under the comments section of the stream as well. Here are some of the top comments:

Fans share their reactions (Image via IShowSpeed YouTube)
Fans share their reactions (Image via IShowSpeed YouTube)

IShowSpeed recently hit an incredible figure of 12 million subscribers. Over the past year-and-a-half, the 17-year-old has managed to rack up in excess of 10 million subscribers, making his growth one of the fastest on the platform.

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