"It's gonna be a different June": Geoff Keighley teases Summer Game Fest and what can fans expect

The Summer Game Fest will kickoff next week (Images via LinkedIn, Amazon)
The Summer Game Fest will kickoff next week (Images via LinkedIn, Amazon)

With the cancellation of E3 this year, the Summer Game Fest is scheduled to be one of the largest showcases coming up this year. A huge array of games will be shown on the show as fans will be able to get a glimpse of what's to come shortly.

On the occasion of the upcoming show, Geoff Keighley had some good things to tell its viewers about what's about to come next week when the show starts.

The Summer Game Fest is scheduled to begin on June 9, and it will be conducted in the studio. However, there will be no shortage of excitement as several big publishers will be present.

Additionally, the show will feature a trailer of the things set to arrive in the remaining part of 2022 and early-2023. With a blockbuster list of games to come, fans have reasons to get excited about it.

Geoff Keighley informs the fans about what's to come in the Summer Game Fest

With Summer Game Fest ready to kick off, fans have been extremely excited. Geoff Keighley will be the host of the event, and in a brief video, he divulged a lot of details. This will add to the existing information that is already available.

As mentioned above, it will be a fully live event broadcast to the world. There will be guests, likely indicating those from different gaming publishers. That's not all, as Geoff mentioned about a hype trailer coming soon.


It's unclear what will be present in the trailer, but one can easily make educated guesses. It will consist of the games present at this year's Summer Game Show.

Geoff mentioned that the trailer is coming soon, but he hasn't given out an exact date. It will be interesting to see what the trailer shows and which games will eventually be present.

Summer Game Fest will be one of the biggest shows, along with the exclusive ones on Xbox and PlayStation. While a live show might not have the same charms as an offline event, it will still likely have a lot of potential.


With all the games set to be released later in the year, the potential list of games will be quite deep. There will likely be both AAA and indie games, some of which are heavily anticipated by fans. Moreover, Geoff has also informed us that there are still some unannounced things that would add to its intrigue.