Karakin map included in PUBG Mobile beta 1.3

The Karakin map has finally been added to PUBG Mobile
The Karakin map has finally been added to PUBG Mobile

Mobile gaming has witnessed continuous growth over the past year and a half. Battle royale titles like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and COD Mobile have seen significant growth in revenue and downloads.

PUBG Mobile, which can arguably be called a pioneer in mobile gaming's growth globally, has been pushing new updates with exciting developments since its launch. Such actions add to the features and functionality of the game.

Recently, PUBG Mobile's developers released the beta version 1.3 with a brand new map, Karakin, and many other major additions.

Karakin, part of the PC version of the game since January 2020, is the smallest map released to date in PUBG Mobile. The arena is a 2x2km island situated on the coast of North Africa.

PUBG Mobile maps list

  • Erangel 8x8
  • Miramar 8x8
  • Vikendi 6x6
  • Sanhok 4x4
  • Livik 2x2
  • Karakin 2x2

This map is similar to another desert map, Miramar, but that makes it more quick-paced. As per the developers' own words in the patch notes, this arena will combine '"Miramar's tension and the fast-paced gameplay of Sanhok." It will only feature a lobby of 64 players, instead of the usual 100.

Additionally, Karakin provides brand new features like the Smuggle Tunnels and Sticky Bombs, which detonate on buildings' walls when placed on them. Demolition Zones/Purple Zone are a more lethal version of the Red Zone, and along with other additions, adds to the excitement and provides a new dimension to the gameplay.

The beta version also includes a new firearm called the Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle, which uses the 7.62mm ammo, and a new flying two-seater vehicle called the Motor Glider.

Earlier, the map's promo, scheduled to be released on the second day of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020: Finals, was not shown due to the change in the tournament schedule and the PMGC 2020 finals being shifted to online-only.

It would be interesting to see if Karakin makes an entry into the esports scene of PUBG Mobile. If it does, it would be intriguing to see how players adapt to the new map.

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