League of Legends: DAMWON Gaming wins Worlds 2020

DAMWON Gaming is the winner of League of Legends Worlds 2020 (Image credit: LoL Esports/YT)
DAMWON Gaming is the winner of League of Legends Worlds 2020 (Image credit: LoL Esports/YT)

League of Legends just witnessed the most action-packed finale in a very long time, as DAMWON Gaming won the best of five match against Suning by a 3-1 scoreline, and re-established their dominance through the Worlds Championship.

DAMWON Gaming was knocked out by G2 Esports in the quarter-finals last year, but this time, the team showcased brilliant game sense and coordination throughout the tournament. Even though they were the LCK favourites after T1 couldn't qualify for the Worlds, they dominated several teams on their way to the final. They took revenge on G2 Esports by eliminating them 3-1 in the semi-finals, thereby destroying Europe's hopes.

DWG Canyon won the MVP of the finale for his great objective control and sensational playmaking, despite getting his more comfortable picks banned in the draft phase.

DAMWON Gaming fought their way to win League of Legends Worlds 2020 against Sunning

From the very start, DAMWON Gaming looked comfortable during the Worlds 2020, and the finale was no different. Suning, on the other hand, looked very innovative with their drafts, and were the underdogs in the finale.

DAMWON Gaming won the first match with relative ease. In the second match, there were some off-meta picks, and Suning Bin's Fiora got his first ever Pentakill in a League of Legends Worlds final, as his team equalled the score to 1-1. Despite playing out a couple of tight matches after that, their aggressive playstyle, and DWG Canyon's perfect objective maintenance, meant that they were able to see out the threat posed by Suning.

As per the ritual, all the players of DAMWON Gaming will be receiving a customised cosmetic for their favourite League of Legends champion. DWG Canyon, when asked about his choice of champion, stated that he is yet to decide between Graves and Nidalee.

League of Legends Worlds 2020 had a concurrent peak viewership of 460k during the finale, and this further showcases the love that fans have towards the most-watched esports game in the world. The opening ceremony, and the arrangement of the live audience, were both flawless, even during the pandemic. It showcases the dedication of the developers towards the esports side of the game.

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