Fortnite: Lachlan set to join Ninja, Loserfruit and others, after announcing his Icon series skin

Lachlan confirmed to be getting his Fortnite Icon Series cosmetic inside the game (Image credit: Esportsbet)
Lachlan confirmed to be getting his Fortnite Icon Series cosmetic inside the game (Image credit: Esportsbet)
Rijit Banerjee

Fortnite just revealed its next Icon Series cosmetic, and it is none other than Lachlan. The Australian YouTuber has approximately 13.9 million subscribers on the platform, and has been uploading quality content on the game since its inception in 2017. His channel is mostly based around Fortnite, and he is well-known for his humour and general game sense.

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The Fortnite Icon Series makes official in-game skins for content creators who have played a considerable role in shaping the audience of the game. Ninja and Loserfruit are the only content creators to have had a personalised cosmetic as a part of Fortnite Icon Series.

Lachlan gets his Fortnite skin, with TheGrefg to come next in the Fortnite Icon Series

A few days ago, Lachlan tweeted that he shall be disclosing his biggest announcement yet, and today, he revealed that he would be getting his very own Fortnite Skin, emote and back bling. In his announcement video, Lachlan revealed a few more details about his upcoming skin, and stated that it would be entering the item store on 12th November, at 7 PM (EST).


He also talked about a one of a kind tournament, which is scheduled to be happening in the game soon, wherein players could be presented with an opportunity to get the Fortnite cosmetic for free.

The skin is set to be revealed on the first day of the tournament, however, we will have to wait to get more details about it. He also clarified that the leaks about the 'PWR' cosmetic set were purely coincidental, and that leakers got lucky with the reveal of the skin.

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After Lachlan, TheGrefg should be joining the fray as the next Fortnite Icon to get his official skin in the game.

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