League of Legends: TSM Bjergsen announces retirement, to become Head Coach of team

TSM Bjergsen has just announced his retirement from League of Legends (Image credit: The Shoutcaster)
TSM Bjergsen has just announced his retirement from League of Legends (Image credit: The Shoutcaster)

Well, it seems to be a tough day for American and European League of Legends fans, as Søren Bjerg, popularly known as 'Bjergsen' on the international League of Legends stage, has recently announced his retirement as a professional player of this popular video game.

Previously, he had played for many esports teams and recently with Team SoloMid (TSM), and he has quite a remarkable career.

European fans just saw their favorites, G2 Esports, lose to Damwon Gaming, who took their revenge and made their way to the finals of the League of Legends Worlds 2020. On the flip side, TSM lost 6-0 despite being the first seed at the Worlds 2020, thus arousing many emotions among the NA fans.

A new chapter begins for Bjergsen in League of Legends


TSM Bjergsen has achieved quite a lot in his career and has won the LCS six times, four MVP awards, participated at the Worlds five times, and even played in the All-Star event four times.

The Danish legend has been the player to remember and has left quite an impact on the whole League of Legends community.

Many fans and analysts have even said it out loud that Bjergsen has been carrying his team on his back and has been one of the finest players to play League of Legends.

However, this is not the end for him, and just the start of a beautiful tomorrow. TSM Bjergsen will become the Head Coach of TSM and start a new chapter in his life.

With this, North American fans should continue having solid expectations from him, and maybe, he could guide the NA team to become one of the best in League of Legends' esports history.

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