How often will League of Legends: Wild Rift be receiving patch updates?

Image Credits: Riot Games Image Credits: Riot Games
Image Credits: Riot Games Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot Games has made it a point not to put out too many major patch updates for any of their IPs, and their League of Legends based mobile game Wild Rift is not going to be any different.

For games like Valorant, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Wild Rift, Riot will be putting out bi-weekly patches.

Sure, there will be minor hotfixes here and there between each patch, but that’s to be expected, as no patch is perfect, and each of them comes with their fair share of bugs and in-game exploits.

In their latest Wild Rift developers blog post, Jonathan “JCM1117” Chao, the balancing team lead, talks in-depth about the members of the team, and what their roles are in the game moving forward.

Wild Rift is all set to have its region-specific open beta release on the 27th of October, and Riot Games have taken the opportunity to talk about the frequency of patch updates in their blog post.

Riot talks about the frequency of Wild Rift patch updates

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In the Wild Rift developers blog post, Riot Games says,

“Major balance patches will hit roughly every two weeks on a fixed day of the week so you’ll always know when to expect them. However, as we’re still figuring out our development timelines, the initial patching frequency after Wild Rift heads into Regional Open Beta may be less rhythmic. Our primary focus right now is making sure the game is shipped at a high quality to as many players as possible.”
“We want to avoid situations where we have to adjust something multiple times in back-to-back patches, so normally, balance changes go through a full development pipeline that includes data validation, designer discussions, implementation, playtest validation, and quality control. This means that some outliers may not be addressed immediately in the next patch.”
“Bigger changes or bug fixes may require a full client update, and unlike League PC, Wild Rift needs to go through third-party stores for these changes—a process that takes time as well. When we notice something that is wildly OP or broken (*cough cough* 66% win rate Camille *cough cough*), we will push out emergency hotfixes. With the amount of champion releases coming up, we do expect this to happen every now and then.”

Wild Rift will indeed have a lot of hurdles along the way when it comes to both balancing the game and putting out in-game fixes, but Riot is all set to depend on community feedback to develop their game, just like they are doing with Valorant.

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