List of every Grand Final winner across all major titles in EVO Japan 2023

EVO Japan 2023 list of all winners (Image via EVO/Twitter)
EVO Japan 2023 list of all winners (Image via EVO/Twitter)

The final day of EVO Japan 2023 has officially come to an end and the winners of all the major titles have been crowned. The event was quite fascinating with several close games that raised the stakes and provided massive entertainment to the fans. Apart from that, some of the titles like Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V said goodbye to this tournament as their next iterations are set for release in the near future.

Hence, the winners of those two games in particular will definitely remember this tournament for the rest of their lives. Apart from that, the developers also made a few announcements regarding upcoming games, characters, and more.

Details regarding winners of every major title in the Grand Finals of EVO Japan 2023

The winners of the Grand Finals for all the major titles at EVO Japan 2023 are as follows:

1) Street Fighter V: Oil King

2) Tekken 7: Arslan Ash

3) Guilty Gear Strive: Goubou

4) King of Fighters XV: Xiaohai

5) Melty Blood: Type Lumina: Kjiro

6) Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown: Tonchan

7) Granblue Fantasy: Versus: Gamera

Amongst these, the victory for Arslan Ash feels special as he won the final EVO Japan Tekken 7 tournament ever as next year Tekken 8 will make its debut. Apart from that, he also managed to match Knee on the total number of EVO championship wins.

Goubou also had a brilliant run in the Guilty Gear Strive tournament at EVO Japan 2023. He was down in the lower bracket and had to make a massive run in order to win the trophy in the end. Goubou's Zato was immaculate and he managed to counter the likes of Ramlethal, Giovanna, Baiken, and I-No with ease.

The Melty Blood: Type Lumina tournament was also very exciting as Kjiro on his Noel showcased his skills with regards to both game mechanics as well as understanding the fundamentals.

Lastly, Oil King completed a spectacular run to win the last-ever Street Fighter V tournament. He showcased immense skill on Seth in the final few games and dominated his way to the EVO Japan 2023 trophy.

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