Mario Party Superstars: What's new, what's different, and what's the same

Credit Nintendo
Credit Nintendo
On the final day of E3 2021, Nintendo Direct showcased several new titles that were coming soon, with some that expanded existing franchises like Mario Party and Metroid. One particular game that caught the eye of many Nintendo fans was the latest Mario Party that brings players together in the craziest minigame fest yet.

This "Blast from the Past," which Nintendo introduced earlier today, invites players to explore the remastered features of Mario Party games. In addition, other mechanics have been revealed in the cinematic trailer that offer exciting gameplay.


Mario Party Superstars at Nintendo Direct

Nintendo's Mario Party experience collaborates with other games in its franchise to bring classic features to new and existing players looking for adventure. The mayhem continues with the Mario universe characters as they hop across a collection of Mario Party boards.

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo

The boards to choose from include popular returns from the Nintendo 64 era like Peach's Birthday Cake and Space Land. There aren't any new Mario Party boards for players to explore, but the classic maps still contain the remastered appearance.

Also returning from previous Mario Party games is the deep pool of minigames that'll keep players on their toes. With over 100 minigames to try out, Mario fans can catch a glimpse of every Mario Party game Nintendo has released.

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo

Since online play was released for Mario Party earlier this year, friends all over the globe have been able to play together. This feature rolls over into Mario Party Superstars, but with an added twist.

Mario Party Superstars includes a system where players can queue up alone and match with random players around the world. Previously, players could only match with friends or in a private lobby with a specific code.

If players decide to keep the party for friends only, Mario Party Superstars can be paused mid-game to allow time for a break. Online features continue to change and update as the Mario Party universe advances.

Online players can use stickers to communicate, similar to emotes that express a certain message.

Mario Party Superstars will hit the market on October 29th, 2021, for Nintendo fans to traverse. Players can preorder the game starting today as well.

The Nintendo Direct reveal of Mario Party Superstars brought a new look to Mario Party while also incorporating classic features. Nintendo's E3 appearance seems to be working in their favor by bringing high levels of excitement.