Mega Encore talks about PMPL 2020 finals expectations, career turning point and more

Mega's Player Rishabh 'Encore' Katoch
Ajay Assudani

MegaStars Esports is a professional Indian gaming organization that competes in PUBG Mobile battle royale and Battle of Clans. Originally, MegaStars had two rosters, MegaStars and MegaX. MegaX was formed after the acquisition of the 'Learn From Past' roster in 2019. After Fall Split of PMCO 2019, the two teams were merged to create the new PUBG Mobile roster.

Mega 'Rishabh Katoch' Encore is one of the assaulters in the team who came into the limelight during PMCO Fall Split 2019 where he used to play with his lineup named 'Learn From Past'.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Mega Encore answered some questions regarding his real-life experiences and future expectations from gaming.

Mega Encore: Expectations from PMPL finals, why he is referred to as Paradox, turning point of career and more

Q. What is the reason behind your name 'Encore'?

A: I used to play CSGO during my college days. One of my friends had kept his name as 'Encore' in the game. So when I started mobile gaming, I found this name suitable for me.

Q: What are your in-game settings?

A: I'm a full Gyroscope player, and I use high sensitivity gyro. I don't prefer to use ADS.

Q: How do you deal with the people spreading hate?

A: I have no reply for those who spread hate; I just ignore them as nothing else can be done. I have always tried to make them understand that this is not right, but after a certain point, I started ignoring.

Q: Who is your favourite teammate, and why?

A: I have no favourite teammate as such, I consider all of them as my brothers. However, I mostly like to share things with Paradox. He has been with me since the past 2-3 years of my gaming career.

Q: Keeping gaming aside, how were you in studies, and which field would you have opted for if not gaming?

A: Apart have gaming, I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science. I was an average student in studies.

Q: While opting gaming as a profession, how much support did you get from your family?

A: When I had made my mind of choosing gaming as a profession, there was no support from my family initially, as they didn't know how these things worked. Gradually, as I started getting recognition and earning money, they started supporting me and are now entirely in favour of this.

Q. How has been your Journey from 'Learn From Past' to 'Mega Stars'?

A: The Journey from 'Learn From Past' to 'Mega Stars' has been commendable. It made me learn a lot of things. It has been a pleasant experience for me until now.

Q: What was the turning point of your gaming career?

A: The turning point of my career was when we played our first LAN tournament - PMCO Fall Split 2019, where we finished 5th. After that, Mega Stars picked us and provided us with all the support and facilities. It was a turning point of my career in gaming, and I have reached this stage all because of Mega Stars.

Q: How did you feel when you finished 5th in PMPL?

A: Honestly, we felt a little sad as we missed by a whisker for a slot in the World League. However, it is a part of gaming. We will make our best shot at PMPL Finals.

Q: What are your expectations in PMPL finals?

A: We are expecting to finish top 2 in PMPL finals, basically to qualify for PUBG Mobile World League and represent our nation. We are making sure that we do all the things possible to reach there.

Q: What motivates you to grind every day, playing for 10 hours?

A: The competition in this game is increasing day by day. We need to keep up with the pace to stay ahead from other teams. Every team needs to grind for several hours a day to make its way into the competitive scenario.

Q: Why does everyone refer to you as 'Paradox'?

A: Everyone refers to me as 'Paradox' because once Ketan K18 was shooting a vlog at our Bootcamp, and one of the members of our organization introduced me as 'Paradox'. This got portrayed in a hilarious way in the vlog. From that day, everyone refers to me as 'Paradox'.

Q: Who is your inspiration in PUBG Mobile, and why?

A: I have no such inspirations in PUBG Mobile, I just keep learning different things from other professional players in the community.

Q: What are your plans with your career in gaming?

A: My plans in gaming are first to win an International trophy and then focus on content creation which can be seen as a backup in the future.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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