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Most common places to find Llamas in Fortnite

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 31 Dec 2020, 01:31 IST

A new map produced by @HYPEX on Twitter has revealed the most common locations for llamas to appear in Fortnite.

Llamas are one of the more useful supply drops found in Fortnite due to the way that they resupply players with vitally important resources, especially those that are easy to neglect. Llamas provide players with a huge boost in ammo, building materials, and healing items, making sure they have the edge in their next fight.

Llama locations charted across the Fortnite island

While there are a few hotspots across the map, it’s pretty obvious that llamas tend to end up fairly evenly spread throughout the map. During each round of Fortnite there will be just five llamas spawned throughout the map, with the bottom right quadrant being more heavily weighted than the rest of the map.

This means that llamas have a preference for the mountains, not unlike their real life counterparts. Perhaps the most notable thing is that there seems to be a few dead zones where llamas spawn only sparsely, such as the top left quadrant of the map.

This llama distribution means that the right half of the map, especially near the mountains, will be more prone to power spikes, and it’s more likely that a fight can get decided by finding a lucky llama and going on the offensive.

Meanwhile, players who land towards the top left of the map will find the early moments of their Fortnite games to have a lower power level, with weaker weapons, less ammo, and less resources all around. In these fights, even a small advantage can be the deciding factor, and fights can end up being a lot closer.

Swamp llamas are a special case


One surprising factor worth considering for future Fortnite games is the high number of llamas that seem to spawn down in the swamp. The reason these ones are a special case is that their location can make them harder to find, as both visibility and mobility are noticeably lower while in the swamps.

Anyone who likes to land there should keep their eyes open and see if they can come out of the swamp with a small cache of healing items for their trouble. These llamas are much more likely to be overlooked and skipped than the ones out in the open, especially if the swamp isn’t near the next circle.

While it’s not worth it to take a ton of storm damage just to find one llama, anyone familiar with the area should at least be comfortable finding and looting one of these piñatas.

Published 31 Dec 2020, 01:31 IST
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