MrBeast surpasses Mark Zuckerberg's follower count after joining Threads, asks the latter to make him the platform's CEO

MrBeast's comical request to Mark Zuckerberg goes viral (Image via Sportskeeda)

With Instagram's Threads app up and running, it has featured some big names. One of them is YouTube star Jimmy "MrBeast." Interestingly, in follower count, he has already surpassed Mark Zuckerberg, the app's creator. At the time of writing (July 6), Jimmy has just over 550K followers, while Mark has 524K. This is despite Jimmy joining the app only a few hours ago.

In his second post, the YouTuber jokingly requested Mark Zuckerberg to appoint him as Threads' CEO. This is in reference to a previous joke he made on Twitter, where he asked the same question to Elon Musk, who had become the CEO of Twitter.

MrBeast joins Threads, already among the most followed people on the app

For those unaware, the Threads app is now accessible to everyone on Android and iOS devices. As one of the most prominent social media personalities, MrBeast wasted no time creating an account on the Threads app. Within a matter of hours, his follower count skyrocketed.

Here's what he posted on the new website:

MrBeast's initial request, urging Mark Zuckerberg to appoint him as the CEO, has not received any response from Meta's co-founder. Interestingly, when the former made a similar request to Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, the latter replied, saying he might consider it in the future. Here's their conversation from December 2022:

While Jimmy typically utilizes Twitter to announce new projects and engage with his audience, Threads provides another avenue to connect with his followers and potentially share exclusive content or updates related to his ventures.

Here's what fans said

Fans were quick to notice Jimmy's comical request to Mark Zuckerberg. His post has already garnered over 3.6K replies and 52K likes. Here are some notable responses to the post on Threads:

Fans share their response to Jimmy's latest post on Threads (Image via Threads)
Fans share their response to Jimmy's latest post on Threads (Image via Threads)

One of Jimmy's recent posts on Twitter went viral after the YouTuber showed off his body transformation journey in a before-and-after comparison photo. The creator revealed that he has been walking 12K steps daily for the past few months, and the results were visibly apparent.

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