New PUBG Mobile game, New State trailer officially released, listed on Google Play Store for APK pre-registration

Image via Google Play Store
Image via Google Play Store

In a new positive development for the PUBG Mobile fans across the world, Krafton Inc. has released the trailer for the latest PUBG: New State mobile game. The title has now been listed on the Google Play Store.

There were reports that the sequel to PUBG Mobile would be announced soon in the previous few weeks. It was speculated that the game was going to be set in 2051 and would feature futuristic equipment, including drones and more.

The social media post by PUBG: New State about the announcement read:

"Coming in 2021, PUBG: NEW STATE features the most realistic battle royale experience you will find on mobile. Players will be able to drop in and explore a new map that expands the lore, experience graphics that push the limits of mobile gaming, master the best and most dynamic gunplay on the market, and enjoy next-generation survival features that evolve the battlegrounds."

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Latest PUBG Mobile game, New State trailer officially released


The description of the game on the Google Play Store read:

“Drop into PUBG: NEW STATE, the newest title by PUBG Studio, the creators of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Using diverse weapons and tactics, 100 survivors will face off until only one player or team remains standing. With an ever-shrinking Blue Zone, players must find weapons, vehicles, and consumables to gain the upper hand. “

According to the website, the players will get a Limited Vehicle Skin (Permanent) for pre-ordering the game.

The social media post by PUBG: New State read:

PUBG Mobile's New State official websites:






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