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New Reddit theory suggests vitals might reveal an Impostor in Among Us

Image Credits: smilekay
Image Credits: smilekay
Tee Kay
Modified 06 Nov 2020, 17:01 IST

Amidst the deceptions and manipulations involved in Among Us, Redditor u/arekwashere has come up with a "plausible theory," which might give Crewmates the upper hand over Impostors, specifically in the Polus map.

In a recent video released by smilekay, the YouTuber goes through the Reddit post and follows it with a series of tests for the theory. Surprisingly enough, it seems hugely plausible from the video where vitals are being used to catch the Impostor.

The original post on Reddit saw many comments from the community, as many players are still unsure about it, while others are fixated on making this theory work.

Let's look at what the theory states and what it could mean for the gameplay of Among Us.

The Among Us theory to detect Impostors in Polus

u/arekwashere tested five games before claiming his theory to be plausible. The Redditor believes that in the Polus map on Among Us, the vitals feature can be extremely crucial for detecting an Impostor.

He said:

"Whenever a Crewmate is near an impo, their heartbeat changes, but if the impo kills that Crewmate, their heartbeat (Impostors heartbeat) changes drastically."

He further explains:

"So whenever you see a Crewmate is dead look at the heartbeat pattern (the line spikes), it can reveal an Impostor."

However, as one can see in the YouTube video above, although plausible, this theory requires an enormous amount of attention to detail for the Crewmate who elects to keep an eye on the vitals.

That being said, smilekay goes on to drop a few additional tips for players as to when they should execute this strategy in a game of Among Us.

The tips from the YouTuber are:

  • This strategy is ideal for early or late-game scenarios.
  • This strategy works best either when playing with a single Impostor or when only one Impostor is remaining.
  • Using vitals to check if any Crewmate has been murdered 'should be obvious.'

Redditor u/Starnerd666 had a pretty hefty comment on the original Reddit post:

"This could definitely be one of the most OP strats in the game if it was better understood."

This strategy does provide players who have an eye for detail with an advantage over the Impostor when playing on the Polus map in Among Us.

However, the absence of any guaranteed detection other than deductions and investigations make Among Us so much fun for the players. The introduction of a confirmed catch for Impostors in this map could mean that Skeld and Mira HQ may see a rise in their playtime.

Published 06 Nov 2020, 17:01 IST
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