Nova Esports might be starting an Indian PUBG Mobile roster!

Nova Esports logo garbed in the Indian tri-colour
Nova Esports logo garbed in the Indian tri-colour

Hong Kong mobile-based eSports organisation Nova Sports may be entering the Indian PUBG Mobile scene soon, if rumours are to be believed. The organisation, who's mission statement reads: Competitive excellence through community-driven values, could be starting an Indian PUBG Mobile roster, if whispers around the gaming community are true.

NOVA Esports released a teaser today on their official Instagram handle, which indicates that they are picking a roster from India, one that has already qualified for the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL), and a full announcement is rumoured for 26 June 2020 (Friday).

Talking about Nova Esports, they have successfully expanded into a variety of major titles in Vainglory, Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars, Overwatch and FIFA Online across the world. This makes them the most internationally diverse eSports organisation, as they have representation in every major eSports market in the world.

Nova Esports PUBG Mobile rosters in different regions:

Wildcard region: Xiaozhi, AY,Bandit, CJ, EggDog.

South America region: Mitek, ViTU, Mufasa, Senab, Swaguin.

Recently, Nova Esports and Monster Shield also came to a joint-partnership that saw the team re-branded as Nova Monster, containing members Bixia, AA, K4i, GuanMa, MoMo, ShiRuN and ADI.

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Nova Esports was initially founded by Anthony Yeung and his management team of Francis, Trevor and Richard, later bringing on others who share their passion for the game, including Matthew and Steven. It was created as a top clan family in Clash Royale in May 2016, and quickly became a success in that game.

After enormous success there, Nova made the transition to a true global competitor by establishing itself as an eSports organisation in September of 2016, and has expanded to various other eSports, including PUBG Mobile.

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