"Omg that's insane": Netizens react as Boogie2988 shares photos of his vandalized house

Boogie2988 shared photos of his vandalized house (Image via Boogie2988/X)
Boogie2988 shared photos of his vandalized house (Image via Boogie2988/X)

Steven "Boogie2988" took to X to share multiple images of his now graffiti-laden house, much to the shock of netizens online. The perpetrator used bright red spray paint to write the words "Ped*phile" and "Theif" on his house doors, albeit with incorrect spelling. The creator further stated that the offender had also "destroyed" his roommate's car by thoroughly painting the windshield and the side windows.

Netizens were concerned for the creator and his properties' safety and advised him to call the authorities to deal with the vandal:

"Omg that’s insane you need to file a police report"

Trigger warning: This article contains images that could upset readers. Kindly exercise discretion.

"Wow, this is bad" - Fans react as Boogie2988 posts pictures of vandalized property

Steven "Boogie2988" is a long-time YouTube creator and Twitch streamer who has been involved in some controversies over the years, having accumulated a significant fanbase of over four million subscribers on the platform.

In a series of posts on X, Steven stated that his house had been vandalized by one of the individuals he had previously worked with as part of his documentary in November 2023. The YouTuber stated that he could not initially take photos himself as he was "1000 miles" away and thus depended on his roommates to send him the damaged pictures:

Fans suggested the creator should "press charges" against the person who vandalized his house and add "slander" as a possible further indictment:

"Wow, this is bad. Seriously, going to press charges on the guy? This is vandalism. Throw in some slander too"

Many expressed concern about Boogie2988's safety and security:

On the other side, many poked fun at and cracked hilarious jokes regarding the seemingly incorrect spelling of the spray-painted words. One user @EverG777 joked that the vandal may have tried to write "Pewdiepie" instead:

Boogie2988 was recently banned on December 23, 2023, following a stream where he went fully naked to parody the ongoing NSFW meta on Twitch. The streamer claimed he was banned due to being "obese" and accused Twitch of "ableism."

Further, Steven argued against the suspension as he had not shown his privates on the livestream. He was unbanned after three days.

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