Players unable to access the Final Fantasy 7 Intermission DLC despite having PS Plus subscription

There has been an issue with one of the DLCs of FInal Fantasy 7 Remake (Image via Sony)
There has been an issue with one of the DLCs of FInal Fantasy 7 Remake (Image via Sony)

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the many games that were made available on PS Plus, but there seems to be a bizarre occurrence. This is restricting many users from enjoying the intermission DLC, and there appears to be no workaround at the moment.


The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the first part of a planned trilogy released by Square Enix in 2020. The game puts players in the boots of Cloud Strife, and it's a retelling of the 1997 game.

Several upgrades and other new features have been included to bring the title up to speed with the current times. The game was recently added to the PS Plus roster. Unfortunately, it has led to significant issues for some.

False positive is denying some PS Plus subscribers access to Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Intermission DLC


PS Plus has undergone a significant transformation over the last couple of months as Sony has gone after a major revamp. The new structure is undoubtedly different from what the system used to be, and anyone will admit there's much more value in the present structure.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade bundle was recently added to the PS Plus roster, and has been a great addition. The Intergrade bundle has even more value as it contains the Intermission DLC and the base game. It's an excellent experience for any player yet to play the title.

Unfortunately, owning a base copy of the game seems to be causing a major issue. The conflict appears when someone who owns the base game tries to access the Intermission DLC.

All such PS Plus users are getting the following error message:

"You can't buy this product for the following reasons: You already own the following products, which conflict with the product you're trying to buy: Final Fantasy 7 Remake."

The same issue is affecting those who had downloaded the game on their PS4 as part of a previous PS Plus monthly offering. The only option for those affected is to purchase the Intermission DLC separately. This is despite the fact that the DLC is included in the services they have paid for.

The issue was first spotted on Reddit as several users reported the problem. The only silver lining is that PlayStation is aware of the problems and is currently working to fix them. However, there isn't an estimated time for when the problem will be corrected.

Disclaimer: Installing the game from scratch seems to fix the issue for some. There has also been an updated SKU in the store which should solve the problem.

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