PlayStation Plus June 2022: Free games, expected release date, and time for all regions revealed

The PlayStation adds a monthly set of games for its users (Image via Reddit/Coolwali)
The PlayStation adds a monthly set of games for its users (Image via Reddit/Coolwali)

Sony has significantly revamped the PlayStation Plus due to competition from the Xbox Game Pass. The shuffled service is now available in many parts of the world, and existing subscribers will be able to enjoy the base tier of the service directly. Moreover, they will also be getting an array of free games added every month for their users.

The free games on the PlayStation Plus service include both first and third-party games. Some are often restricted to one generation of consoles, but many, like FIFA 22, were made available to both generations.

The offerings often include some brilliant titles that can be played at no extra cost. Hence, the most important thing for the fans to know are the dates and times when these additions are made. They will not have to miss out on the goodies if they're aware of the moment of release.

PlayStation Plus adds free games to its service every month

With June coming soon, all PlayStation Plus users will be able to get a fresh line of games. Usually, Sony does not follow a fixed date when it comes to the announcement of the games. The titles are usually announced on the last Wednesday of the following month.

Similarly, many PlayStation Plus users had expected an announcement on May 25. However, no fresh announcements regarding the free games were made on that day, which surprised a few. There are a couple of probable dates right now.

One date could be Tuesday, May 31, which is not the norm. However, Sony could have changed this, especially in light of the launch of its new service. Another date is Wednesday, June 1, when Sony might announce the games.

The games are usually released on the first Tuesday of that month, making June 7 a likely date. However, a subsequent addition followed by an announcement on June 1 cannot be ruled out either. Fans are requested to follow all the official channels to keep themselves updated with the latest news.

It's also important to know when the games will be added to different regions in PlayStation Plus. If Sony follows the usual pattern, one can make an educated guess about it.

The announcement for the games is expected to arrive at 4:30 PM BST. This could well be the case for the launch of the games irrespective of the date. If that is the case, this will be the likely release time of the games for all PlayStation Plus subscribers:

  • 4:30 PM BST
  • 8:30 AM PT
  • 10 PM IST
  • 1:30 AM JST (next day)

With the date now coming close, fans will be excited to see which games will be made a part of the roster.