PMPL Thailand 2023 Fall Split: Teams, schedule, format, and more

PMPL Thailand Fall boasts 16 teams (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMPL Thailand Fall boasts 16 teams (Image via PUBG Mobile)

June 7 will see the start of the PMPL Thailand 2023 Fall edition, where 16 directly invited teams will clash for a prize pool of approximately $57,500. The winning side will also earn a slot in the PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) Fall. The two-week thriller, featuring six matches daily, will wrap up on June 18. It will be hosted each week from Wednesday to Sunday.

The event is significant as it is a crucial milestone for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. It marks the third tournament, following PMPL and PMSL Spring, where the accumulated points will be considered for PMGC qualification.

Spectators can watch the event live on the official PUBG Mobile Esports/Thailand YouTube channel at 3:15 pm IST.

Participating teams in PMPL Thailand Fall 2023

There are 16 teams invited from the previous iteration, including:

  1. HAIL Esports
  2. Vampire Esports
  3. Fast9 Esports
  4. Buriram United Esports
  5. Bermuda Esports
  6. XerXia Esports
  7. TEM Entertainment
  8. The Infinity
  9. NKT MATA Esports
  10. Sharper Esports
  11. ETN Esports Gaming
  12. Whatever Esports
  13. King of Gamers Club
  14. MS Chonburi
  15. Valdus Esports
  16. Faze Clan

HAIL Esports, the top-performing team from Thailand in 2023, are expected to maintain their position and strive for victory once again. Vampire Esports, the reigning champion of the PMWI 2022 and the sole Thai team in the PMSL Spring top five, will also be vying for the title.

Fast9 Esports have occupied a slot belonging to Bacon Time, a PUBG Mobile partner team that disbanded its lineup a month and a half ago.

Faze Clan, who dominated the PMSL League stage but faced challenges in the previous PMPL, will look to rectify their performance and secure their first official championship in two years.

Meanwhile, with new players joining their ranks, The Infinity will seize the opportunity for a fresh start and aim to capitalize on their strengthened lineup.

Additionally, Valdus Esports will seek a revival after including two former TEM players in their roster. Kings of Gamer Club and MS Chonburi had a poor spring season, finishing 13th and 14th in the Pro League.

The tournament's victor will secure a spot in the PMSL Fall, where Faze and Vampire Esports are partnered teams. This partnership ensures their participation in the PUBG Mobile Super League, regardless of their performance in the current tournament.

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