Pokimane responds to boyfriend rumours as #pokimaneboyfriend trends online

#pokimaneboyfriend is currently trending all over the internet (Image Credits:
#pokimaneboyfriend is currently trending all over the internet (Image Credits:
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

24-year-old Imane 'Pokimane' Anys has found herself yet again in the news, as a recent video released by YouTuber LeafyIsHere claims that she has a boyfriend.

Ever since word got around, this allegation has sent shockwaves through her 'simp' army fanbase, and led to the outburst of a plethora of reactions online.

So much so that #pokimaneboyfriend is currently trending at the top in the US!

Pokimane was also recently targeted by Keemstar online, as the feud between the two continues to intensify. And this seems to be showing no signs of letting down, as Keemstar also released a video on his YouTube channel, DramaAlert. It concerned the video above, and he also tweeted that Pokimane has a boyfriend.

Check out his tweets below:

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LeafyIsHere's Video

YouTuber LeafyisHere's video, titled Content Nuke: Pokimane, has been shared numerous times since its release, and has been trending ever since.

He takes a direct dig at 'Pokimane 3-tier subs' by highlighting the fact that Pokimane has a boyfriend, stating:

If you ever happen to come across one of her big-time fans on your way to the grocery store or whatnot... be sure to remind them that she has a boyfriend, because I think that they would really love to hear that little piece of information.

Watch the video below, from the 10:22 mark:


The above video seems to have delighted Keemstar, who pounced on the opportunity to stoke the fire of his ongoing feud with Pokimane. He also released a video on YouTube, where the internet star took a sarcastic dig at his 'nemesis':

I don't even want to mention her name because I'm afraid her fan base is gonna start attacking me... I thought my career was over... I'm not even saying her name... Also, in the news - Pokimane got EXPOSED!

You can watch Keemstar's take in the video below, from the 2:15 mark:


Reactions online: Keemstar and Leafy

Both Keemstar and Leafy reacted extensively to the fallout of their videos and claims. From sharing memes to taking numerous potshots, they had a field day on Twitter.

Check out their reactions below:

Keemstar, too, decided to join in and had the following things to say, in his staple, sarcastic style:

Reactions online

The latest development triggered millions of Pokimane fans, referred to as her 'simp' army.

The range of responses on Twitter was several, as the community took potshots at her huge fanbase and #pokimaneboyfriend trending:

Check out some of them below:

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Pokimane's response

Pokimane's love life has continuously been a subject of interest, and with this recent claim, the buzz is at an all-time high.

She decided to post a response to #pokimaneboyfriend trending online and presented her own, fun take on the entire situation.

Standing alongside a cardboard cut-out of Barack Obama, Pokimane's tweet invited its fair share of responses:

While Pokimane's response to the rumored buzz seemed to portray the entire flare-up humorously, it goes without saying that the present buzz shows no signs of abating, with #pokimaneboyfriend continuing to trend online in the US.

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