Pokimane tries to play off weird request from viewer, ends up with Shaq O'Neal's feet pictures on-stream

Poki losing it after seeing Shaq's feet pop up on her screen (Images via PokimaneToo/YouTube)
Poki losing it after seeing Shaq's feet pop up on her screen (Images via PokimaneToo/YouTube)

Imane "Pokimane" received a rather creepy request from a viewer in her Twitch chat during a recent livestream. However, as always, the content creator had a perfect, witty response.

Responding to a viewer's questionable and awkward request, the Twitch star went to Google image search to deal with this person. She unintentionally started to laugh while looking at basketball legend Shaq O'Neal's feet pictures on stream.

Pokimane completely loses it after looking at Shaq O'Neal's feet pictures


The online sensation was seen livestreaming earlier today and was interacting with her viewers during the opening part. Reading out various viewers' messages and subscriptions, Poki noticed a rather weird message from someone who had recently subscribed to her channel.

Iterating their name and message to her viewers, she opened up a browser on her stream and went on to fulfill the viewer's request by saying:

"You want me to show feet? Sure."

A bit annoyed by the message she received, the internet sensation hopped onto Google image search and searched for gross feet. Browsing to a plethora of disgusting images in response to the viewer's questionable request, she mentioned:

"Do you like these? Show feet. Oooo, this one's like teasing you through the sock. I found these!"

Out of nowhere, basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal's image popped up, where he was seen showing his feet. Getting caught off guard, the Moroccan-Canadian streamer lost it, laughing and questioning Google's image search algorithm. She followed by saying:

"What is this?"

She soon closed her browser and sent a final message to the viewer:

"You said show feet. I am just being a people pleaser out here, you know?"

Following the interaction, the 25-year-old interacted with her viewers for another hour. She then played one of her favorite games, GTA 5 RP, with her buddies for the rest of her stream.

Fans react to Pokimane's witty reply to viewer's request

In the channel's comment section, audiences applauded how the streamer handled the situation. Some were also weirded out by looking at the disgusting images shown on the livestream.

Fans reacting to the streamer's response (Images via PokimaneToo/YouTube)
Fans reacting to the streamer's response (Images via PokimaneToo/YouTube)

Pokimane has talked in-depth about her daily receiving messages on the same lines. This might not be the last time a viewer asks for an awkward request from the star broadcaster.