PUBG Mobile announces total prize pool of $1.6 million for PMCO Spring Split 2021

Registrations for the PMCO Spring Split 2021 are underway
Registrations for the PMCO Spring Split 2021 are underway

With the new season of PUBG Mobile esports starting, the registrations for the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO Spring Split 2021) kicked off today.

The PMCO Spring Split 2021 will showcase the best PUBG Mobile players and squads from 27 regions around the world.

PMCO Spring split 2021
PMCO Spring split 2021

Disclaimer: The game is banned in India; hence, registrations won't be open for teams from India.

A few weeks ago, PUBG Mobile Esports Director James Yang, in a YouTube video, unveiled the road map for the game's esports scene in 2021. It was announced that the prize pool for the upcoming year would be a whopping $14 million.

The PMCO Spring Split 2021 will be divided into four stages, with the overall tournament lasting almost two months.

Schedule of the PMCO Spring Split 2021

Stage 1: Registration

Registrations for the PMCO Spring Split 2021 start from January 1st, 2021 (i.e., today) and will go on till January 24th, 2021.

Stage 2: Qualification

After the registration process is over, the online qualifiers will take place. Registered teams can play 28 matches. The eight best games out of these 28 will be considered to determine the overall points and ranking of a team. The online qualifiers will take place between February 1st. 2021 and February 7th, 2021.

Stage 3: Regional Group Stage

After the Online Qualifiers, the qualified teams will play their respective regional group stages. To strengthen the esports ecosystem, the teams that made it to their regional finals will be invited directly to the next split group stage, without having to pass online qualification again.

Large and renowned esports organizations with long-term investment plans can be invited to the group stage directly. The Regional Group Stage will be held between February 16th, 2021 and February 21st, 2021.

Stage 4: Regional Finals

After going through all these stages, the top 16 teams from each region will play their respective regional qualifiers for the ultimate title and qualification into future major events. The regional finals will happen between February 24th, 2021 and February 28th, 2021

With the expansion of PMCOs and PMPLs across different countries and regions, it would be an interesting year for new PUBG Mobile players to showcase their talent on the regional and the international stages.

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