PUBG Mobile hacks: New anti-cheat system banned 1,838,223 accounts last week

The PUBG Mobile anti-cheat announcement poster (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)
The PUBG Mobile anti-cheat announcement poster (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)

PUBG Mobile has published its second report of cheaters that got banned last week, i.e., from 28th August to 3rd September. The first report was posted on 29th August, in which 2,273,152 accounts were restricted. This week, PUBG Mobile has banned over 1,838,223 accounts caught cheating.

PUBG Mobile banned accounts numbers (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)
PUBG Mobile banned accounts numbers (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)

Here's a break-up of the accounts banned:

  • 1% of Conqueror tier accounts
  • 2% of Ace tier accounts
  • 4% of Crown tier accounts
  • 7% of Diamond tier accounts
  • 11% of Platinum tier accounts
  • 15% of Gold tier accounts
  • 16% of Silver tier accounts
  • 44% of Bronze tier accounts
PUBG Mobile banned cheats pie-chart (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)
PUBG Mobile banned cheats pie-chart (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)
  • Around 28% of the cheaters used X-Ray Visions to gain an unfair advantage and see the enemy's position through covers and walls.
  • 34% of the cheaters were banned due to usage of auto-aiming, to shoot enemies automatically using third-party scripts.
  • 19% were using speed hacks to outperform enemies with an unfair movement advantage.
  • 1% of the cheaters received suspensions due to the use of a modification of area damage, where the hackers could kill other players instantly with increased bullet damage.
  • 1% of the cheaters were handed bans because of the utilisation of modification of character model to gain an unfair advantage using third-party plugins.
  • The remaining 17% got banned due to reasons not specified.
PUBG Mobile anti-cheat report for the previous week (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)
PUBG Mobile anti-cheat report for the previous week (Image Credits: PUBG Mobile Instagram)

New anti-hack system in PUBG Mobile

Also, the anti-cheat feature in PUBG Mobile has received an overhaul, ahead of version 1.0.

Version 1.0 security defence tech upgrade:

  • Further Optimised Spectating System: In Version 0.19.0, after adding a new opponent spectating mechanism to determine whether to transmit the opponent's position to the spectator via the server, it has solved the issue of cheating via spectating. In this release, they have optimised and expanded the monitoring scope of the enemy's position visibility via spectating. When a Main and Smurf account enters a match at the same time, even after the Main account kills the Smurf account, the latter will not be able to cheat via spectating.
  • Fixed Engine Security Issues: In Version 1.0, they repaired some engine security risks.
  • Optimised the Impact of Security Monitoring on Performance: In this version, they optimised the impact of security monitoring on performance and reduced the power consumption and lag caused by security monitoring. This fix ensures a smooth gaming experience while protecting the gaming environment.
  • Optimised the Process and Tools of Security Protocols: The devs have optimised the process and tools for the security protocols, to make future crackdowns on new cheats more effective.
  • Tightened Security Protocols on Livik Penalty Threshold: The devs have tightened the penalty threshold of various security protocols specifically for Livik, which will effectively detect and reduce cheaters in this map.
  • Crackdown on Chat Channel Cheating Promotions: The cracking down on cheat promotions in the chat channel and will continue to carry out clean-up works.
  • Crackdown on Ranked TDM: Recently, because of the increasing cheaters in Ranked TDM and through players' feedback, the officials have strengthened the crackdown on cheating behaviours in Ranked TDM.

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