PUBG New State can be released in September 2021, according to latest reports

PUBG New State
PUBG New State

Krafton, the company behind one of the world's biggest battle royale games in PUBG, has enjoyed continuous success. The release of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile - Battlegrounds Mobile India has also been well received, breaking numerous records.

The company now has its eye on the future and is planning the release of PUBG: New State, a futuristic battle royale set in Troy in 2051.

Earlier, Krafton opened the pre-registration for the title on February 25, 2021 on Android devices. The game received a whopping 20 Million pre-registrations from all around the world, excluding (India, China, and Vietnam) where the pre-registration hasn't been opened as of yet.

What's in store for Krafton and PUBG: New State?

According to a report by Techm.Kr, the development of New State is in full swing and the developers expect to release the game in September this year. Prior to that, pre-registrations will be open for iOS devices in the month of August as announced by the officials.

In addition to this, Krafton plans to build 5 overseas studios and 17 branches all around the world. According to Kim Chang-Han, the CEO of Krafton, the company will look to expand its horizons into regions such as North America, India, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America.

The developers of the title also ran a closed alpha test with some content creators including Zootay and Wynnsanity. The alpha product was met with praise and applause from fans of the popular battle royale.

Through New State, Krafton hopes to have various video communication functions, high-end graphics, an optimization engine, and high-quality open world maps.

It would be interesting to see the response that PUBG: New State gets on the actual release. The sequel will naturally draw in comparisons with the ever-popular PUBG Mobile, which has set high standards for the title.

Fans and players alike will also be keeping an eye out for the Esports aspect of this new title. With advanced mechanics, graphics, and maps Krafton will surely cash in on the Esports aspect of the game as the company has already enjoyed quite the success with PUBG Mobile Esports.

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