Red Dead Redemption 2 listing leaked for Nintendo Switch, will GTA 5 follow soon?

Cover art featuring promotional screenshot for Red Dead Redemption 2 and promotional artwork for GTA 5 by Rockstar Games
Another iconic heavy hitter could be arriving on Nintendo's popular hybrid console (Imaeg via Rockstar Games)

Another surprise "impossible" port may be headed to the Nintendo Switch - Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games. As spotted on the official Brazillian rating board, the beloved 2018 open-world action-adventure game now lists the handheld as a platform. This very likely hints at a rendition for the popular hybrid console being in the works.

If this leak is to be entertained, however, another question pops up. Where is GTA 5? The massive 2013 open-world game is on all modern and last-gen platforms except the Nintendo Switch. Could the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 change that?

Could Red Dead Redemption 2 work on Nintendo Switch?

The translated caption reads:

"Red Dead Redemption 2 receives indicative rating for the Nintendo Switch in Brazil."

Since the listing has been updated to reflect a Nintendo Switch version, then players' first line of thought could be that this is a cloud version of the game. The device is no stranger to streamed versions of games that work natively on a host PC and are then mirrored to the console; even though the medium is hated by gamers who prefer a native port.

Thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case here. None of the cloud games thus far have received ratings on any of the boards across the globe. Furthermore, not a single cloud game in the Nintendo Switch library is available in the Brazillian Nintendo eShop. So this all but confirms the existence of a native port.

This would be interesting as the game is currently 100+ GB in size on other platforms. However, they have been adequately compressed to fit the Nintendo Switch file size regulations thus far. Speculation about how Rockstar will translate Red Dead Redemption 2 over to the Switch makes one wonder what the hangup with GTA 5 is.

Is GTA 5 coming to the Nintendo Switch?


At this point, it is unclear if one of the biggest games ever made will come to Nintendo's platform. Assuming Red Dead Redemption 2 does make it over, it would be even more baffling that the older and arguably more popular game is not available on the Switch. Even if the newer title's port did not prove feasibility enough, it is common knowledge that GTA 5 is fundamentally a PS3/360 game.

So there should be no issues with regards to a Nintendo Switch port. So why has Rockstar been hesitant thus far? No official word has been made public about this matter. It does feel like a missed opportunity since the Nintendo Switch is home to an untapped demographic of over 120 million users.

Even if most gamers out there have already bought and completed Trevor, Michael, and Franklin's adventures across different platforms, replaying on a portable device may be the reason many will double or even triple dip. If not for the current model, then perhaps these ports may be slated for the Nintendo Switch 2, looking at recent leaks of major AAA games.

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