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Riot Games showcases look at early concept art for Valorant 

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Joey Carr
Modified 27 Oct 2020, 04:07 IST

Valorant has been fully released since the summer and fans are still loving the game's content. Riot Games is doing a fantastic job of keeping things fresh and providing steady updates with new items in store. Recently, we saw Episode I Act III release with a new map, Icebox, and a new Agent, Skye. Alongside this, a slew of new cosmetics were released in both the Battle Pass and the in-game store.

All of this content is what makes Valorant what it is today. However, what if we could look back on the early stages of development for the game? Would we still want to keep today's content or maybe have some primitive content introduced into the game? Well, thanks to some recent screenshots, we can see exactly what Valorant looked like in its infant stages.

An early look at what Valorant was before development

Obviously, dozens of aspects changed from the time Valorant was just an idea and what we see today. Agents were scrapped, maps were redesigned, and concepts were too ambitious. Although, for the most part, it seems Riot Games had a vision and saw it through.

We know this because of some early-concept art for the game. The images released due to artist Atey Ghailan leaving Riot Games and taking his work with him. After this occurred, four screenshots of early Valorant concept art was released into the world.

As you can see from the images, the relative ideals appear to be unchanged. Riot Games had a vision for the training grounds map, weapons, and Agents that we see today. We're able to see early looks of Omen, Cypher, Sage, and other Agents as well. However, there's also some never-before-seen characters, like in the bottom left screenshot.

There's clearly an Agent shooting some kind of dark cloud in a tornado form. Of course, we don't have an Agent like that in Valorant today so this was likely a scrapped character. Also, in the top right screenshot, one map has a giant ice strike in its center. We haven't seen this map in the game yet so it's presumably another scrapped concept.

It's unlikely we'll ever see any of this never-before-seen content but it's still cool to look back and see where Valorant started.

Published 27 Oct 2020, 04:07 IST
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