Watch: s1mple shows off his incredible aim in Semifinals match vs OG Esports

s1mple pulled off an incredible 4k against OG in the BLAST Spring Semifinals (Image via Getty)
s1mple pulled off an incredible 4k against OG in the BLAST Spring Semifinals (Image via Getty)

Professional Counter Strike player Oleksandr "s1mple" made an incredible play during a BLAST Premier Spring Finals match against OG Esports. The NAVI player showed off his incredible aim by landing four kills in quick succession against OG, and all four kills were headshots.

The precision that he displayed on the AK-47 drove the crowd wild, as the casters were in awe. It was a statement moment for a player who is often considered one of the best to ever play the game:

"Absolutely filthy! s1mple's showed up!"

s1mple shows off his aim with the AK-47 against OG

NAVI and OG Esports faced off in a semifinals match for the Blast Premier Spring 2022 Finals. It was the first out of the two matches that day, with G2 taking on Vitality later on in the tournament.

The first map of the match was Dust-II, with NAVI starting out on the Terrorists side. In Round 4, while being down 1-2, NAVI rushed Site A from Long, getting a pick that set up a relatively clean bomb plant.

Shortly after the bomb was planted by Perfecto, s1mple quickly took out the remaining four OG players with the AK-47, and all of them were headshots. He quickly took out one player on short through smoke, before taking out another player standing directly under him near the site. He then turned towards the Counter Terrorists' spawn, taking out the remaining two players with clean one-taps and winning the round.

The NAVI AWPer is known as one of the best players in professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive history. Having been with NAVI for nearly his entire career, the Ukrainian player's performance today will surely be another chapter in his legacy.

This round set the tone for the CS:GO pro's day against OG, as he put on a show throughout the three-game series. NAVI won Dust-II but their comeback attempt on Inferno came up just short. However, they closed it out on the deciding map, on Mirage, advancing to the BLAST Premier Spring Final, where they will face off against the winner of G2 vs Vitality tomorrow in Lisbon, Portugal.

Fans react to s1mple's incredible play in BLAST semifinals

Many fans said that what the Natus Vincere legend was able to do on stage was incredible, even more so considering how easy he made it look. Even while playing against some of the best players in the world, he looked to be in a league of his own in such moments.

NAVI and s1mple will have a chance to win it all when they play in the BLAST Spring Finals against the winner of G2 and Vitality tomorrow.

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