“Since Fracture is a live map, each new patch will update it and reveal more about what happened at the facility.” - Zakky from Valorant HUB

Zakky from Valorant HUB (Image by Sportskeeda)
Zakky from Valorant HUB (Image by Sportskeeda)

Valorant recently unveiled the 7th map, Fracture, set in an abandoned Kingdom Facility.

Riot Games' first-person shooter Valorant has gained popularity worldwide, both for its well-balanced fun gameplay and interesting deep lore. With the recent map, Fracture, Valorant has reached a total count of seven maps.

Fracture, set in an abandoned Kingdom Facility, implements a unique design, where the defenders spawn in the middle while the attackers can attack from the sides. Apart from the gameplay changes, Fracture brings new revelations for the Valorant lore.


Sportskeeda’s Suryadeepto Sengupta reached out to Zakky from Valorant HUB, one of the most renowned Valorant content creators, known for his in-depth knowledge of the Valorant lore, to hear his thoughts regarding Fracture.

Zakky’s thoughts on Valorant’s latest map, Fracture

Fracture brings a lot of new things previously unseen and unknown to Valorant; from an H-shaped map design rather than a traditional 3 lane, to introducing Radian Collider and different factions within the Kingdom organization.


Regarding Fracture, Zakky said to Sportskeeda,

FRACTURE comes after a long creative content drought from a public knowledge point of view. The VALORANT Creative team really are nose to the grindstone and have built an incredibly weird and wonderful universe for fans to explore; it takes time to illustrate this universe through in-game lore and external social media content such as cinematic trailers and alternate-reality gameplay. With FRACTURE, we have learned of the Everett-Linde facility and have been exposed to new groups within KINGDOM; KINGDOM Omega and KINGDOM Alpha
The dual-biome map is a beautiful way to explore and see first-hand the effects and consequences of KINGDOM Corporation's work. Creative Director, David Nottingham has confirmed via Twitter that FRACTURE is a live map. This means that each new fortnightly patch will update the map and reveal more to learn about what happened at the now-abandoned facility. Without a doubt, this is my favorite map from a lore-environment point of view. The Radion collider in the center of the map is both stunning and fascinating and I truly believe this will be used to reveal the next 'Deadeye' agent.

He further added,

From a gameplay point of view, the map feels the most different from any other map we have seen so far. The early reaction from creators in the early-access event was "this doesn't feel like VALORANT". This isn't necessarily inherently negative. I'm happy to see the VALORANT team broaden the game's horizons into different gameplay styles. The map requires constant attention with multiple flank routes and close combat action, making it almost impossible to not use Shift-walking throughout the entire map.

It will certainly be interesting to see what changes happen to Fracture over time. Fracture joins the Valorant Maps roster with the upcoming patch 3.05.

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